So i think its good to have a list of news related to the drama for old and future fans who didnt get into the fun while the show is airing...  

For example, the first casting news and the title...

Note the thread usues the old title and not the new Lovely Runner name 😄

It wasnt about Jonghyun... RIP Jonghyun... 


Amid concerns about potential associations with the late Jonghyun from SHINee, the producers of tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama, "Lovely Runner," denied any intentional references.

"Lovely Runner" follows Im Sol (Kim Hye-Yoon), a fervent fan who experiences despair upon the death of her favorite celebrity, Ryu Sun-jae (Byeon Woo-Seok). Driven by a determination to rescue her beloved idol, she embarks on an unexpected journey through time back to 2008, where she endeavors to save him from a tragic fate.

The show is based on the 2020 web novel "Tomorrow's #1," which was adapted into a webtoon in 2021. The screenplay for the drama was crafted by Lee Si-eun, known for her work on tvN's series "True Beauty" (2020).

However, some online users voiced suspicions regarding potential implications to SHINee's late member Jonghyun, who passed away in 2017. The allegations suggested that elements such as Im's time travel back to 2008, coinciding with the year of SHINee's debut, and the drama premiering on Jonghyun's birthday may be intentional references.

The drama adaptation portrays Ryu as a radio DJ, a detail not found in the original work, which some viewers connected to Jonghyun's history as a radio show host.

One online user expressed discomfort, saying, "Fans have endured immense pain (from the drama's similarities to Jonghyun's case), with some even calling for the show's suspension. Disregarding their sentiments is incredibly disrespectful ... The issue lies in the incorporation of elements in the drama adaptation that evoke a specific individual, despite the absence of such references in the original web novel."

In response, CJ ENM denied the allegations, clarifying that there were no references intended toward the late singer.

"The debut year of Ryu, the male protagonist of 'Lovely Runner,' is 2009 and the drama is based on the web novel 'Tomorrow's #1,' rather than being intended to mirror real-life individuals or events," the company stated, Monday.

Regarding the decision to set the drama in 2008 instead of its original timeframe, it noted, "Setting the drama six years earlier, as in the original work, did not align with the timeline of the main characters or emphasize significant historical differences. Therefore, we chose 2008, which is 15 years before 2023, to highlight the differences of distinctive eras."

Director Yoon Jong-ho also addressed the matter during the press conference held to mark the show's premiere.

"The Beijing Olympics were held in 2008, captivating the entire nation. Given the plethora of renowned athletes during that time, I believed it would offer a memorable backdrop to reminisce about," Yoon said.

Regarding the date of premiere, he dismissed any intention to link it to the late celebrity, stating, "The broadcast schedule is determined sequentially and picking a certain date is realistically impossible."

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