Drama Me Crazy! The Kdrama Could Have Beens!

alienshore7 Oct 11, 2016
In honor of Scarlet Heart Ryeo, I thought I would do a little list that ranks my top Kdramas that have the biggest disparity between how OBJECTIVELY good I think they are VS. how much I LOVE and am entertained by them. This really is a problem many Kdrama lovers face. If you watch enough TV and movies, you do get a discernment for what makes quality fair (acting, directing, cinematography, accuracy, continuity, logic, editing, thoughtful characterization, and music). And sometimes we have to admit to ourselves that no matter how many awesome FEELS a Kdrama gives us, it fails at a lot of the things that should make for objectively good film art. Of course, conversely, some dramas I know to be good don't entertain me like the ones that are artistically weaker. So there you have it. Kdrama love is an ephemeral thing and that is why they are the Kdramas that could have been GREAT.