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The reasons, why I would recommend each drama, differ widely and it naturally depends on personal preferences of a viewer as well, what aspects are attractive and which flaws can be overlooked.  These are just the dramas that have characters and plot lines, that provide joy and/or value of different kinds to me (more so, than other dramas).

kpun Apr 19, 2023
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  • Fox in the Screen

    1. Fox in the Screen

    Chinese Drama - 2016, 22 episodes


    If one can ignore the silliness surrounding the female main character and her painting, the relationship and backstory of the fox demons is quite enjoyable.

  • Noble Aspirations

    2. Noble Aspirations

    Chinese Drama - 2016, 58 episodes


    The story develops quite slowly, but is still filled with mystery and challenges for the male main character. I liked the banding together, until its a group of friends, trying to do, what they think are the right things. A coulourful setting and lots of interesting characters and some romance to sweeten the mix.

  • Noble Aspirations Season 2

    3. Noble Aspirations Season 2

    Chinese Drama - 2016, 18 episodes


    Its a fitting continuation of the first part. Although it has an open ending, I would still recomend to watch these two seasons, no matter what becomes of the third part.

  • Novoland: The Castle in the Sky

    4. Novoland: The Castle in the Sky

    Chinese Drama - 2016, 28 episodes


    Its an adventurous fantasy-romance story, a classic xianxia for me.

  • The Untamed

    5. The Untamed

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 50 episodes


    A twisted story, with lots of likable characters and intriguing mysteries and tragic plot lines.