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Hello everyone, hope you all have a great time watching, whatever you like to watch!

How I came to be here:

Around 2012, I stumbled upon my first kdrama, City Hunter, by chance. It felt refreshing to watch something kind of different from the European and US-American shows, that I was used to watch. So I started to look for more kdramas and it became my main source of series to watch.

Sometime around 2016 or 2017, someone recommended a Chinese production to me, Nirvana in Fire, which quickly became one of my favourite series ever. I continue to watch cdrama, even though nothing can match the first one.

Frequently, when looking up information about dramas, I would visit MDL, so after a very long time, I decided to open an account. It would be nice to be able to participate in the sharing of information and appreciation for dramas. 

Besides appreciating the works of dramaland, I would like to thank QuippeQuest (Youtube) for making it possible to get fun out of any drama.


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