Hong Kong Titles Involving Any Thai Cast/Crew

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It will contain movies/drama/shows that will help the participants to switch between Hong Kong and Thailand

ShadyParK Jan 31, 2022
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  • 77 Heartwarmings

    1. 77 Heartwarmings

    Hong Kong Movie - 2021
    100 points by 1 voters
    Although the ten-year relationship is over, Eva and Adam are still longing for each other's traces in their lives. The accidental encounter with Marvel and the sudden illness of her mother disrupted ...more
  • One Second Champion

    2. One Second Champion

    Hong Kong Movie - 2021
    100 points by 1 voters
    Chou Tin Yan has the ability to predict the next second since he was a child and met Yip Chi Shun, who recruited boxers. With his talent, he has been able to ...more
  • SPL 3: Paradox

    3. SPL 3: Paradox

    Hong Kong Movie - 2017
    100 points by 1 voters
    Hong Kong police negotiator Lee Chung Chi has learned that his 16 year old daughter Wing Chi has disappeared while in Thailand. He travels to Thailand and teams up with Chinese officer ...more
  • Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy

    4. Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy

    Hong Kong Movie - 2018
    99 points by 1 voters
    While keeping a low profile after his defeat from Ip Man, Cheung Tin Chi gets into trouble after getting in a fight with a powerful foreigner. (Source: IMDb)
  • The Eye 3

    5. The Eye 3

    Hong Kong Movie - 2005
    98 points by 1 voters
    In Thailand, Chongkwai is welcoming his friends Ted and his cousin May and Kofei and his girlfriend April from Hong Kong. While in a tourist tour, they see an accident on the ...more
  • Europe Raiders

    6. Europe Raiders

    Hong Kong Movie - 2018
    97 points by 1 voters
    Mr. Lin and Ms. Lin are number one and number two in the field. They are neither friends nor enemies, but they ultimately join hands along with trusty assistant Le Qi as ...more
  • The Vampire Is Still Alive

    7. The Vampire Is Still Alive

    Hong Kong Movie - 1989
    96 points by 1 voters
    A screenwriter working on a film script in an old haunted house unleashes an army of the undead including a robot-vampire and a Freddy Kruger-like creature with deadly scissorhands. (Letterboxd)
  • Robo Vampire

    8. Robo Vampire

    Hong Kong Movie - 1988
    95 points by 1 voters
    A narcotics agent is given a second chance at life after being shot and killed. In a futuristic experiment, he is returned to life as an Android Robot. He is sent on ...more
  • Operation Foxhunt

    9. Operation Foxhunt

    Hong Kong Movie - 1988
    94 points by 1 voters
    Undercover cops are on the trail of a drug baron. (Letterboxd)
  • A Fighter's Blues

    10. A Fighter's Blues

    Hong Kong Movie - 2000
    93 points by 1 voters
    After spending 13 years in jail for killing one of his opponents Chat Chai in the dressing room, Mong Fu, a washed up Muay Thai kickboxer returns to Thailand to look for ...more
  • Goodbye My Friend

    11. Goodbye My Friend

    Hong Kong Movie - 1988
    92 points by 1 voters
    During World War II a bunch of heroic Hong Kong triads battle the evil Thai Blood Sect, which has sent assassins after the Hong Kong triads because they won't collaborate with the ...more
  • The Trough

    12. The Trough

    Hong Kong Movie - 2018
    91 points by 1 voters
    An undercover police officer's identity is exposed when he takes on a child abduction case. (Source: IMDB)
  • Magic Kitchen

    13. Magic Kitchen

    Hong Kong Movie - 2004
    90 points by 1 voters
    Yau inherited her mother's restaurant/cafe and secret recipes, but her heart isn't into cooking. She suffers from a family curse of doomed relationships. When she runs into the one man she can't ...more
  • Greatest Thai Boxing

    14. Greatest Thai Boxing

    Hong Kong Movie - 1973
    89 points by 1 voters
    The winner of a fight is murdered when he refuses to throw a fight. A kickboxing teacher enters the ring to earn money for the dead man's mother. The teacher is also ...more

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