Favourite screenwriters and directors

Screenwriters and directors that write or make the dramas I found exceptionally good

Ishtar_lilith Apr 20, 2021
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  • Hong Jung Eun

    South Korean

    SCREENWRITER TEAM:  HONG SISTERS     Master's Sun,  Korean Odessey

  • Hong Ri Na

    South Korean

    SCREENWRITER TEAM:  HONG SISTERS     Master's Sun,  Korean Odessey 

  • Jin Hyeok

    South Korean

    DIRECTOR  Masters's Sun,   Sisyphys, Dr Stranger

  • Kim Eun Sook

    South Korean

    SCREENWRITER Goblin; Descendants of the Sun,; A Gentleman's Dignity;   Secret Garden

    Also:  The Heirs, Mr Sunshine, King: The Eternal monarch

  • Seo Sook Hyang

    South Korean

    SCREENWRITER    Pasta;  Jealousy Incarnate;  Wok of Love

  • Zhang Kai Zhou


    DIRECTOR   When a snail falls in love.   Opening scene is masterpiece

  • Lee Kyung Hee

    South Korean

    SCREENWRITER Chocolate;  I'm sorry, I love you;  Thank you;  

    Also  Wonderful days  .

  • Lee Eung Bok

    South Korean

    DIRECTOR   Goblin,  Discovery of love, Descendants of the sun

  • Bae Yoo Mi

    South Korean

    Looooooong melodramas that somehow works  :  I have a lover,  Wonderful life both kept me iiintrigued,  interesting and convincing characters.

  • Hamaguchi Ryusuke


    Drive my car is right up there with  the best of the best  .  Think Three colours Blue, or Pedro Almadovar,  the works that stays with you for life

  • Moon Ji Won

    South Korean

    Extraordinary Attoney Won,   Innocent Witness