Condor Trilogy (Novel Series)

Condor Trilogy is a wuxia novel series by Chinese writer Jin Yong (Louis Cha). The Legend of the Condor Heroes (射雕英雄传) is the first part of the Condor Trilogy and is followed by The Return of the Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣) also called The Giant Eagle and Its Companion and The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (倚天屠龙记), also translated as The Sword and the Knife.

As is typical of some of his other novels, Jin Yong included elements of Chinese history in the story, such as featuring historical figures like Hongwu Emperor, Chen Youliang, Chang Yuchun and Zhang Sanfeng. The political and ethnic clash between the Han Chinese rebels and the ruling Mongols is also a prominent theme in the novel. 

Apollymi Aug 10, 2021
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