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  • Aki wa Haru to Gohan wo Tabetai

    1. Aki wa Haru to Gohan wo Tabetai

    Japanese Movie - 2023


    10 1
    It's honestly... Not that good.
    I have this tradition where I start each year with something meaningful and/or wholesome - family, friendship etc. so I picked this one. I'm sorry but it's pure cringe :D I guess some of the problems they are facing are relatable but otherwise it's a run-of-the mill romcom, the same as 95% other romcoms. I slightly enjoyed it because it's not exactly rom (: To each their own, and this film is not for me

  • The Serpent's Song

    2. The Serpent's Song

    Thai Movie - 2017


    15 01

  • Green Night

    3. Green Night

    Hong Kong Movie - 2023


    20 01
    I admit I watched it mostly because of the two leading ladies because I've never heard of Han Shuai (the director). The acting is just insane - otherwise it's just a movie. A very serious and well shot movie but not a masterpiece, even despite its great potential.
    Still a recommended watch though and reminds me of Jane (the korean film with Koo Kyo Hwan)

  • Maggie

    4. Maggie

    Korean Movie - 2019


    21 1
    Bloody hell... That's quirky if ever I have seen one

  • Girls on Top

    5. Girls on Top

    Korean Movie - 2017


    21 1
    Rewatch; wanted to know why I rated it only 7.5 and decided to re-rate it to 8

  • Love Villain

    6. Love Villain

    Korean Movie - 2022


    21 1

  • A Dangerous Woman

    7. A Dangerous Woman

    Korean Movie - 2014


    21 1

  • Daughters

    8. Daughters

    Japanese Movie - 2020


    23 01
    First thought: this film is so visually pleasing I ran to check Tsuda Hajime's other works right away... Unfortunately he's only ever made this film. This style reminds me of Meikenchiku de Chushoku wo (but the plot is obviously different).

    It's a movie depicting a true friendship between two friends, as they prepare to co-parent a baby after she's born - there's not much plot besides that. it focuses on telling the story via feelings, memories and emotions; and it's accompanied by two stunning women who wear fashionable clothes, live in a fashionable flat and are followed by fashionable lighting everywhere they go. What else would one wish for?
    100% recommended

  • She Brought Colour into My World

    9. She Brought Colour into My World

    Chinese Movie - 2024


    29 1

    Way better than the short with these FLs I watched last year.

  • Desperado

    10. Desperado

    Chinese Movie - 2024


    6 2
    Badass... And endearingly bad :D
    I don't think this film is trying to take itself seriously, it's not pretending to be something it's not - it's just a cheap, adrenaline-fuelled movie with a tiny bit of plot on top of it. It's a perfect homage to 80's/90's HK action movies, where the plot revolves around guns, fights, knives, fights, guns and explosions. Danny "Bruce Lee" Chan starring as a main character adds to the campy flavour :D

    Do I recommend? Maybe? Only if you like actiony action films with the most basic of plots. I HAD FUN :D
    Enjoyment: 13/10

  • Today, You Are You

    11. Today, You Are You

    Taiwanese Movie - 2022


    6 2

  • Replacement Driver Vlog

    12. Replacement Driver Vlog

    Korean Movie - 2022


    17 03
    This is. THE BEST Koo Kyo Hwan short out there, really.

  • Ice Cream Fever

    13. Ice Cream Fever

    Japanese Movie - 2023


    17 03

  • The Fish with One Sleeve

    14. The Fish with One Sleeve

    Japanese Movie - 2021


    17 03

  • Bursting Point

    15. Bursting Point

    Hong Kong Movie - 2023


    23 03

    This film is worth like half of Infernal Affairs, so it receives half of its score. Yuck. I spent like two weeks trying to finish it, doesn't help my version has this really crappy mandarin dub instead of the original cantonese
    大丈夫 is a nice touch, I'd rather watch Young and Dangerous: Reloaded (and I don't even like the original Y&D so there's no nostalgia) all over again than ever think again about Bursting Point. William Chan has some kind of reverse Midas touch where every movie he touches turns into a steaming pile of turd (and it's not always his fault), Mr Cheung, I hope you at least received a lot of money for your role in this masterpiece. And, Tony Yang? Your role was so magnificent, I really enjoyed your 27 seconds on screen
    Rant over, Meng (not to be confused with certain Ming) out

  • The Last Breath of Sam Yan

    16. The Last Breath of Sam Yan

    Thai Movie - 2023


    13 04
    An informative film documenting the struggle to preserve a shrine dedicated to Goddess Mozu. Focuses onthe topic of religion and minortities and talks a little about politics and the importance of preserving cultural heritage. It's pure documentary with interviews and facts but it's quite good (even if not exactly artful)

  • The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon

    17. The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon

    Taiwanese Movie - 2023