Canon Aro/Ace Characters

Representation is rare so i'm going to make a list of characters who are either canonically aromantic and/or asexual, semi-canon aro/ace, heavily implied to be aspec, or simply can be easily read that way (with support from canon).  If you come across a character that you believe belongs on this list please let me know!

  • Canon = Term(s) or imagery used or writer confirms with term(s)
  • Semi-canon = Term never used but conversations directly address lack of romantic/sexual attraction
  • Heavily implied = Term never used and their aspec-coded experiences are obvious but never addressed
  • Can be read as = A headcanon but there is some support in canon that let's you interpret them this way

*I'm going to try to put the best rep/strongest cases at the top, so jsyk new entries won't be found at the bottom, they will be sorted.

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  • Koisenu Futari

    1. Koisenu Futari

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 8 episodes

    • Kodama Sakiko - canon aroace (main chara)
    • Takahashi Satoru - canon aroace (+touch averse) (main chara)
      • Really great rep that speaks to the aroace experience on many levels. You can tell they care and did their research creating this drama.
      • They both state that they are aroace.
  • Between Complete and Incomplete

    2. Between Complete and Incomplete

    Korean Movie - 2021

    • Minho - canon mlm asexual in a poly relationship (+ canon touch averse) (main chara)
      • Touch-averse with some exceptions (ex. clothed snuggling is ok).
      • This movie is centred on his physical boundaries and what he wants vs what 1 of his allosexual partners wants.
  • Konya Sukiyaki Dayo

    3. Konya Sukiyaki Dayo

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 12 episodes

    • Asano Tomoko - canon aromantic (main chara)
      • Confirms it herself in episode 1
      • Term used
  • Kieta Hatsukoi

    4. Kieta Hatsukoi

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 10 episodes

    • Ida Kosuke - heavily implied demi (main chara)
      • Never had any previous crushes and has 0 idea about romance or how to read romantic cues. 
      • It's important to him to get to know Aoki more before figuring out if he can respond to Aoki's confession.
      • Asks others for points of reference regarding what it means/feels like to like someone.
  • I Am What I Am

    5. I Am What I Am

    Japanese Movie - 2022

    • Sobata Kasumi - canon aroace (main chara)
      • explicitly aroace and content with her life
      • movie addresses the topic of amatonormativity, particularly how people are trying to push romance on the mc

    I have not seen this movie yet but the trailer, synopsis, and reviews all seem very promising and positive so I'm putting it a bit higher for now.

  • 30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii

    6. 30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 12 episodes

    • Fujisaki Nozomi - canon aroace (side chara
      • expresses her disinterest in relationships in episode 4
      • confirmed by the writer [translation] [original
    • Adachi Kiyoshi - can be read as demi (main chara)
      • gender doesn't matter but more if he feels close to them (re: Kurosawa)
  • Semantic Error

    7. Semantic Error

    Korean Drama - 2022, 8 episodes

    • Chu Sang Woo - heavily implied demi (main chara)
      • While never explicitly confirmed, many viewers and readers agree that he most likely is. 
      • He thought his brain was having an "error" because he was experiencing attraction towards Jang Jae Young and that's never happened to him towards anyone before. This attraction only began after they had gotten to know each other properly, and even then he's still not 100% certain what it all means.
  • Tokusatsu Gagaga

    8. Tokusatsu Gagaga

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 7 episodes

    • Kano Nakamura - can be read as aroace (main chara)
      • Queer-coding galore in this drama!
      • This drama comments on gender roles enforced on people, but also uses women being tokusatsu fans and men being interested in magical girl animes as a metaphor for queer people feeling "othered" in society for being different than what's expected of them. 
      • Kano is entirely unaware of people's romantic  interest in her, and has shown no interest in other people as well. She only cares about building a community of friends that share her passion for tokusatsu (2 of which are definitely lesbian-coded).
  • 17.3 About a Sex

    9. 17.3 About a Sex

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 9 episodes

    • Hara Tsumugi - canon aromantic asexual (I believe it's her) (main chara)
      • Discovers the term after realizing she doesn't care about sex.
      • Describes how she's never fallen in love, has never understood romance, and has no inclination to have a romantic relationship, meaning she's also aromantic. 
        • *the screenshots say these things and then call her asexual, meaning the terms may have been conflated where "asexual" is being used as an umbrella to label her aromanticism as well.

    I haven't seen this yet so I can't discuss the quality of this rep, so I'm placing this mid-tier for now.

  • Kashimashi Meshi

    10. Kashimashi Meshi

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 8 episodes

    • Hasui Ryoji - semi-canon ace (side chara)
      • Confirmed in ep 6/7
      • Doesn't use any terms but says he doesn't feel sexual attraction.
    • Nakamura Seiko - semi-canon ace (main chara)
      • No terms used but talks about not enjoying or being indifferent to sex in a way that indicates she is likely somewhere on the ace spectrum: 
        • "But I don't really like sex to begin with."
        • "I do sexual activity as a form of social participation"
  • Kimi no Hana ni Naru

    11. Kimi no Hana ni Naru

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 10 episodes

    • Onodera Takara - semi-canon aroace (side chara)
      • Words never said, but heavily implied by conversations with friends.
        • "I'm honestly not interested in love at all. [...] I'm happiest when I'm dancing."
  • Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu

    12. Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 12 episodes

    • Takasugi Ume - semi-canon aroace (main chara)
      • Interested in fictional characters/their relationships but has never wanted one for herself (no interest in sex, romance, never even had a crush)
      • Words never said, but she discusses her complete lack of interest
  • Run On

    13. Run On

    Korean Drama - 2020, 16 episodes

    • Park "May" Mae-Yi - canon asexual (side chara)
      • Confirmed it herself in ep 6
      • Term used
  • S.O.S

    14. S.O.S

    Korean Movie - 2015

    • Yeonhee - canon asexual (main chara)
      • The sad side to being asexual. Yeonhee doesn't like sex with her boyfriend and spends the short film trying different ways to figure out what's "wrong" with her.
      • Ace flag imagery confirms her asexuality
  • Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area

    15. Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area

    Thai Drama - 2020, 16 episodes

    • Amm - semi-canon asexual (sex positive) (main chara)
      • From what I can tell from online sources, she's a lesbian who doesn't mind sex but finds it boring/unnecessary after a few times and would rather cuddle than do it. The word asexual doesn't seem to have been used so I'll say semi-canon, but her indifference to having sex points to her being ace or at least on the spectrum.
  • More than Words

    16. More than Words

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 10 episodes

    • Takagi Mieko - semi-canon aroace (main chara)
      • It appears that she does not like people romantically, although the MLs wonder a couple of times if she has feelings for one of them.
      • Words never said, but she does not seem intent on pursuing anyone and she makes it clear multiple times that she does not like or want sex but will have it if she deems it "necessary".
  • Psychopath Diary

    17. Psychopath Diary

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes

    • Yook Dong Shik - can be read as aroace (main chara)
      • This may have been unintentional, but he is entirely oblivious to other's attempts to woo him (both men and women), and doesn't seem interested in anyone romantically or sexually in the slightest.
  • Zettai BL ni Naru Sekai VS Zettai BL ni Naritakunai Otoko

    18. Zettai BL ni Naru Sekai VS Zettai BL ni Naritakunai Otoko

    Japanese Special - 2021, 1 episode

    • Mob/MC - can be read as aroace (main chara)
      • Just my reading, but he really doesn't want a relationship and is only seeking a gf to avoid being forced into a pairing like the mangaka wants. The way he reads a situation to try and navigate the hyper-allo world to avoid being "caught" is very similar to how an aroace would navigate and possibly panic in these situations.
      • As of season 2 his actual orientation outside of mangaka manipulation is still somewhat unclear, but he could be read as demi.
  • My Roommate Is a Detective

    19. My Roommate Is a Detective

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 36 episodes

    • Lu Yao - can be read as demi (+canon touch averse) (main chara)
      • Doesn't form bonds with anyone easily, much less romantic ones, and it appears feeling close to them is necessary
      • RE: touch aversion, it's noted that Qiao Chu Sheng and sometimes Bai You Ning are the exceptions.
  • Restart after Come back Home

    20. Restart after Come back Home

    Japanese Movie - 2020

    • Kumai Yamato - can be read as demi (main chara)
      • Only forming romantic and presumably sexual feelings after forming a close bond with someone, no history of exes or past loves, falls in love with Mitsuomi after growing close and Mitsuomi confessed (making him evaluate his own feelings)
  • Shujin-ko

    21. Shujin-ko

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 6 episodes

    • Hara Junta - can be read as aroace (main chara)
      • Seems more content to just Be as himself. This one is honestly more vibes I'm getting, since his story focus wasn't on forming relationships whatsoever.
  • The Lost Tomb

    22. The Lost Tomb

    Chinese Drama - 2015, 10 episodes

    • Zhang Qiling/Xiao Ge - can be read as demi (main chara)
      • Shown in all iterations to be entirely uninterested in other people, spurning both platonic and romantic attempts to connect with him in most occasions, with the exception of Wu Xie and Pang Zi (ZQL is particularly devoted to Wu Xie, and they are most often considered a couple by fans [with some author nods])
      • This entry covers the whole TLT/DMBJ franchise: The Lost Tomb, The Lost Tomb 2, The Lost Tomb 2 Part 2, Ultimate Note, Reunion, etc
  • The Untamed

    23. The Untamed

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 50 episodes

    • Jiang Cheng - semi-canon aroace (side chara)
      • Is said to be uninterested and will never get married/be with someone despite being the leader of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan (MXTX joking "forever alone"). The drama added in a slight unfulfilled romance with Wen Qing but it seemed to be based on mutual respect and nothing more and didn't carry much weight. Keeps a rigorous list of requirements for a wife that can never be met which can also be read as an aroace move to justify singleness
    • Nie Huaisang - can be read as aromantic (side chara)
      • No relationships and no interest in being with someone romantically even after the time skip despite being the leader of the Qinghe Nie Clan
  • High&Low: The Story of S.W.O.R.D.

    24. High&Low: The Story of S.W.O.R.D.

    Japanese Drama - 2015, 10 episodes

    • Smokey - can be read as aroace (side chara)
      • Only interested in protecting his family throughout the series, with no sign of any type of inclination towards others and no mention of exes.
  • The Guest

    25. The Guest

    Korean Drama - 2018, 16 episodes

    • Yoon Hwa Pyung - can be read as a demi-rom bisexual or just demi (main chara)
      • Seems to have equal attraction to men and women (the barest of hints [this is not a romance drama]), but there's no evidence or mention of past relationships. Feelings develop only after he becomes close to someone, which is particularly difficult given his circumstances (re: Choi Yoon [ me])
  • Mob Psycho 100

    26. Mob Psycho 100

    Japanese Drama - 2018, 12 episodes

    • Reigen Arataka - semi-canon asexual (main chara)
      • The infamous line from the anime/manga "but does love always have to come with sexual desires?" But I have no idea yet if the live action stayed true to his character.
      • Could also be read as aroace
  • Saneha Stories Season 4: Saneha Kap Cheewit

    27. Saneha Stories Season 4: Saneha Kap Cheewit

    Thai Drama - 2022, 2 episodes

    • Nine - asexual (side chara)
      • Talked about asexuality in the trailer, I'm unsure if it was just a discussion or if a character is ace I'll keep this at the bottom for now.
  • Jealousy Incarnate

    28. Jealousy Incarnate

    Korean Drama - 2016, 24 episodes

    • Kim Rak - canon asexual (side chara)
      • He confirms it himself in ep 13, saying he is interested in a romantic relationship but that it wouldn't involve kissing, hand holding, or sex.
        • NOTE: Some viewers have said it wasn't handled well by the writers and was treated as if it he needed to be fixed/was eventually "cured" so please be aware of that. The aphobic writing is why this is at the bottom.