Best Thai actors IMHO.

Here is a list of the best new Thai actors (Well mainly from GMM)

Singto - Possibly one of the best new, young actors in, dare i say it, Asia. He had a very small roll in one of the U-Princes and just his facial expressions alone as a background person in a reveal scene carried so much weight and added to it!

Mild - Wow. Her acting was always strong, but with every new role she seems to become that character and have you believing that she actually is!

Toni - What can I say? Probably one of the most versatile Thai actors! From a skateboarder to an entrepreneur, he can and has done it! Chanon - An amazing actor with a good range, each performance sees him grow into that character.

Krist - Very good actor who has the emotions and facial expressions down to create a believable character!

Jennie - Yes, Jennie. Her performance in 3 Will be Free was strikingly amazing! That, alone, should be enough for this champion of trans rights to get a staring role one day.

Strong - Although only seen in What the Duck he still had the presence and comedic timings to bring that character to life and, did, in fact have a sad scene that, arguably, a great actor like Singto may have been the only one to pull of better.

Special mentions:

Tor -  Really brings his characters to life.

James - Great young actor who thoroughly knows his roles!

Silver_Sylphy Oct 20, 2019