directors whose works i liked

I like these directors, or I've liked at least one title by them.

Do feel free to ask details/shows - some are people I know and trust to provide works I'll enjoy, and some are ones I've picked from looking at shows I enjoyed!

nightnight Feb 5, 2024
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  • Fon Kanittha Kwunyoo


    She's so cool - I really look up to her! I actually adore her so much. I also adore her life partner Namfon so finding out they're partners was a delightful moment!

    Many of the Thai titles I most anticipate watching are directed (and sometmes also screenwritten) by her! 

  • Aof Noppharnach Chaiyahwimhon


    Do I need to elaborate? 

    If so, do feel free to ask! (He's pretty cool)

  • Tle Tawan Charuchinda


    Directed P.S. I Hate You!!!

  • Baz Nattawut Poonpiriya


    Directed/screenwrote The Library - a beautiful film which altered my brain chemistry as a dear friend says!

  • Nuchy Anucha Boonyawatana


    She screenwrote/directed Not Me

  • Zaanook Jukkroww Nipitpon Muangsinun


    Directed Remember Me, quite pretty and I remember liking it though don't remember why.

  • Boss Naruebet Kuno


    He directed I Told Sunset About You and boy was that a beautiful show. Have yet to see his other works but I do plan to!

  • Meen Tossaphon Riantong


    Directed/co screenwrote I Promised You the Moon and that was a beautiful show.