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Chaos Clown Cave Chill Challenge 2024

My dramas from this challenge! ROUND 1, 2, 3 and 4: COMPLETE!ROUND 5: WILL START SOON!!!

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Favourite dramas

These are my favourites. No matter the rating I give, these are the dramas I remember the most: the ones which stay with me for a long time…

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2024 watched titles (completed list)

The titles I started and completed in 2024! For the (currently 4) titles I've yet to fully write up my final thoughts for, it's doubtful I'll…

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anticipated titles: to look out for

Titles I'm looking forward to, mainly ones which are likely to come out soon. not exhaustive, as there are so many that i can't remember all…

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the untraceable: titles I want to watch but can't find!

I am an experience sailor of the seven seas, yet these titles have eluded me, whether finding them legally or less so. If you have any leads,…

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DROPPED: Why did I "drop" this?

Justifying why I dropped certain titles. This is more because I like having things in a list, and for you to be nosey if you want! :DI have…

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C drama "film" cuts!

Short Chinese "films" I find on Youtube which are on MDL! These mainly happen to be FULL LENGTH SHOWS that they cut down into an hour…

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directors whose works i liked

I like these directors, or I've liked at least one title by them.Do feel free to ask details/shows - some are people I know and trust to provide…

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Lead(s) sing OST in show - Thai Watch Challenge

Since I foresee myself doing the Thai Watch Challenge past this year, I'm making a list for Challence 1B. I'll try add dramas I haven't watched…

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✨☀️sapphic summer☀️✨

Sapphic titles I wish to watch this summer. My initial plans are to buddy watch with my favourite electric eel - I've had so many beautiful…

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shows to rewatch
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Thoughts on GMMTV Part 2

This is pretty much so I can look back and see what I think/which ones I think are worth looking out for.

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VOTE: Titles with women in STEM!

Vote for your favourite titles which feature prominent women in STEM! As long as the women have a significant role, even if it's as a supporting…

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GLs - future

I love women. I will die when I get these sapphic pieces! The lists I've used to compile this are by two incredible people, but feature ones…

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Shows with banging music

Even if it's just one song or part of a song, I'll honour shows where I've loved the music here! In no particular order!

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VOTE: Titles that linger in your mind - YOUR Roman Empires!

Whether it's a drama, film or TV show, what are the titles you find you can't help but think of? Add them here and vote for the titles you think…

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GLs I've seen

Here's a list of the GLs I've seen to date! Whether I'm watching them currently or have completed them, this is a list I aim to update pretty…

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Japanese Films PTW

Try describe here and choose one every so often. I'm missing some from my PTW when I counted as of 17/2/24. I'll update when I get the energy…

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HOLD: Why are these shows on hold?

This is a list to justify why I've put shows on hold. They're also in part to explain what I liked and to organise my thoughts so I don't have…

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Thai Films PTW

Thai film PTW, so I can keep track and have notes on whether they're subbed! Feel free to comment with suggestions for other titles or with…

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Mission: CLEARANCE is GO! (there's a hyperlink here - it just doesn't colour!)I'll add titles to this list as I decide what to do with them,…

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Dramas I'd have dropped if I weren't a completionist

This may be your sign to drop (or continue!) these dramas which I'd have dropped if I weren't a completionist. There are many dramas I've sat…

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HATE WATCHING! I feel like doing this for the first time so I need YOUR help! Suggest titles to hate watch - I'll even consider ones with the…

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