Short And Sweet

Dramas that are shorter in length, usually 6 hours or less total. Perfect for watching during a rainy afternoon, when you have a spare moment, or anytime when you're looking for a good story but don't want a long time commitment.

TRT= Total Running Time

Table122000 May 18, 2018
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  • Drama Special Series Season 2: Ordinary Love
    1. Drama Special Series Season 2: Ordinary Love

    Korean Special - 2012, 4 episodes

    Unusual Drama of love story & murder mystery. Full of twists & turns. Wonderful acting performances. TRT: approx. 4.5 hrs

  • Metro of Love
    2. Metro of Love

    Taiwanese Drama - 2016, 20 episodes

    Collection of 7 separate stories dealing with love & relationships. Great variety & nice acting. TRT: each story approx. 2.25 hrs

  • Naked Fireman
    3. Naked Fireman

    Korean Drama - 2017, 4 episodes

    Mystery, Romance and Suspense in this drama about a woman trying to find her parents' killer. Sweet acting & chemistry between leads. TRT: 4 hrs

  • Page Turner
    4. Page Turner

    Korean Special - 2016, 3 episodes

    Wonderful Youth Drama. Good story & great acting. TRT: 3 hrs

  • Romance Blue
    5. Romance Blue

    Korean Drama - 2015, 6 episodes

    Interesting Romance Drama between 2 people who deal with love for a living: 1 a "professional dater", 1 a "professional love letter writer". TRT: 1.5 hrs

  • Splash Splash LOVE
    6. Splash Splash LOVE

    Korean Special - 2015, 2 episodes

    Sweet Historical Youth Fantasy Drama. Romance, Comedy and wonderful acting. Total Run Time: approx. 2 hrs

  • TV Movie: Ballerino
    7. TV Movie: Ballerino

    Korean Special - 2014, 2 episodes

    Fantastic Drama about reaching for your dreams,  For anyone who has experienced leaving home in search of a better life. Superb acting. Have tissues handy. TRT: 2 hrs

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