People I Like For Various Reasons

This has nothing to do with talent or quality acting, it's just a list of people i like because of reasons individually explained.

Cuebox Jul 27, 2017
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  • Ohno Satoshi


    I like Arashi because of him, and for some reason i love all the dramas i watched with him as the lead, probably for the wrong reasons, but he is simply a magical dude that I appreciate. My head is now filled with obsure refrences from shinigami kun and kagi no kakatta heya that noone will get. It's honestly sad, but i can still laugh at my own jokes.

  • Gun Napat Na Ranong


    I saw him in Love By Chance drama, and thought he was adorable. What I would describe as gap-moe, and he for some reason has somewhat of a bad boy image. It just adds to the contrast.

  • Krist Perawat Sangpotirat


    Could probably have 10 different facial expressions in a single reaction shot, and I love it. Also, gap moe :)))

  • Shison Jun


    My second favourite verson of Momo from kimi wa petto. He also grew on me as i keep seeing him in dramas. I am so happy that be is appearing in the Ossan’s Love movie. :)))

  • Matsumoto Jun


    My favourite verson of Momo from kimi wa petto and cute Arashi boy (30 yr old man :))). 

  • Lee Jung Ha

    South Korean

    The sole reason i was watching the unit, and i ragequit when he was eliminated. i wish to see him soon ;-;

  • Copter Panuwat Kerdthongtavee


    I like him because i associate him with KitKats, and that makes me happy.

  • Newyear Kitiwhut Sawutdimilin


    I grew attatched to him since i follow him and his boyfriend on instagram. I haven't really seen him act that much.

  • Leo


    The sole reason i watched idol producer (besides Lay). i knew he was my favourite competitor from the moment i saw him appear in his bunny ear shirt.

    (Edit) I'm so angry he changed his name to Leo, we have enough idols named that, Nongnong was great, stick to your branding I will never accept this new name.

  • LAY


    He calls himself China sheep, and is probably in my list of favourite cutest boys. Is afraid of pigeons, and responds to any question of "how do I do [blank]" with "Never give up! Try your best and work hard".

  • Yoo Tae Yang

    South Korean

    My favourite akward SF9 sunshine boy who hides oranges in his drawers and can't boil eggs. Truly the peak of human evolution.

  • Ninomiya Kazunari


    My favourite arashi boy, I love him sm. I'm on a quest to watch all of his dramas, and i love his acting in all of the ones i've watched. especially his drama specials are very touching. also, he has strong tiny-person energy, which i appreciate.

  • Ikuta Toma


    his smeller is great, idk why i like him, i just do.

  • Oguri Shun


    Ikuta toma's other half in Ouroboros so therefore i like him. why is his profile image the worst picture of him that exists on the internet??

  • Jake Hsu


    He looks like he is wearing circle lenses , why are his eyes so big?? I need to watch more of his dramas, because he stole my soul in HIStory3: Trapped, and i really want it back.

  • Tanaka Kei


    So far i only saw him in Ossan’s Love,  but i just... I can’t with him. I just strongly appreciate smily men, I’m sorry.