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Hello, I'm Irene!

I'm the kind of person that writes super long messages but only responds once an hour.

My obsessions get kinda intense at times, and I like a wide variety of things. At the moment my biggest obsessions are based in the Japanese entertainment company "Johnny & Associates", and specifically the group Arashi (嵐). Though I like many Johnny's artists, like Sexy Zone and Johnny’s WEST especially.

I mostly watch J-dramas, and a lot of the ones I watch are starring actors from Johnny's. In addition to that, I watch a lot BL dramas, but I won't go into detail on that. I love absurd comedy, and wholehearted stories that try to teach some sort of life lesson. I found both of those in j-dramas to some extent, which is why i kinda stick to that.

I’m really bad at finishing shows (with the exception of BL dramas), so my currently watching list is pretty long. Also, i love to watch variety shows, whitch are usually hundrends of episodes long, crowding my cw even more. I’m doing my best to try and change my bad habit of show dropping, but it’s really hard since this is just part of my personality.

I have a few favourite dramas:  Kaibutsu-kun and Blazing Transfer Students as my favourite J-dramas at the moment, while my favourite BL drama is Ossan's Love - in the sky -. 


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