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Mind games. Crime. The climb for power. Detective dramas with gay undertones. The unraveling of the human psyche. Sherlock, except they are girls. Why watch regular romance when you can instead watch the creation, journey and redemption of a deeply flawed character? or a story about the purely platonic friendship between two men whose whole lives revolve around eachother, and who share a "bond stronger than friendship, incomparable to any other" ? why watch a whole season of a show you really like when you can watch an episode and a half of 12 different shows? When will i ever find subtitles for that one title with an iteresting synopsis, one comment that says "where can i watch this", 120 views and a rating of 7.3? When will this drama end so i can say i've watched it?

Any and all of these are topics that could be floating around in my head at any time. you could call me a "connoisseur" in the drama scene, or a "hipster" if you will. either way, me and my cat will continue to linger in our dank cave of nonexistence and consistently watch dramas with a rating of 7.6 because "it might actually be good" even though it never is, because that is my m.o. and i'm cearly so special and unique that i will appreciate and understand the plotholes and one-dimensional characthers in a way noone else can. 

i hope you read this and choose to not interact with this account, as you should. this is my final red flag to you :)


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