Korean Dramas (i have watched)

This is all the k-dramas i have finished completely. All of them have won my hearts in their own way, and i do sometimes go back to re-watch them! 

Azet Mar 29, 2017
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  • Boys Over Flowers
    1. Boys Over Flowers

    Korean Drama - 2009, 25 episodes


    My very first K-drama ever!I LOVE everything about this wonderful tv-series.The deep and sizzling romance between the arrogant and hot-tempered Go Jun-pyo and the optimistic and hard-working Geum Jan-di,the warm friendship between Jan-di and the remarkable F4...and the unique brotherhood of F4. 

  • Dream High
    2. Dream High

    Korean Drama - 2011, 16 episodes


    This teen drama still holds my heart very dear with it`s interesting plot,awesome characters and beautiful music and dance moves.Suzy,So-Hyun and Ok did great performances and out-shined this series really great.

  • Reply 1997
    3. Reply 1997

    Korean Drama - 2012, 16 episodes


    The main-characters played by Jung and Seo was what captured my attention the most and their great friendship that had its journey to innocent love where so beautiful that i cried.

  • Who Are You: School 2015
    4. Who Are You: School 2015

    Korean Drama - 2015, 16 episodes


    "School 2015" are a korean drama i TRULY and REALLY enjoyed,most of all because of the troublemaker Tae-Kwang played by Sung-jae.I remember i had a big crush on him like  years ago when i watched this show, and i even got into K-POP because of him!

  • A Love To Kill
    5. A Love To Kill

    Korean Drama - 2005, 16 episodes


    "A Love to Kill" starring the famous stars Rain and Shin Min-ah both healed and broke my heart all over again. This k-drama is a truly beautiful one,with strong-minded characters,great plot,interesting scenes and mindful emotions that took me with a blow.

  • Full House
    6. Full House

    Korean Drama - 2004, 16 episodes


    The chemistry was amazing!Song Hye-ko and Rain were mind-blowing in their performances and both of them were so beautiful.Their characters love for each other were so adorable and funny. 

  • Mask
    7. Mask

    Korean Drama - 2015, 20 episodes


    Exciting ride with tensions,secrets,and beautiful love.So Ae and Ji-hoon did great performances and i love their characters in this drama very much.It were sad for the supporting characters in this one,and i were happy when the male villain finally admitted in the end that he really did love his wife. Another plot-story about separeted twins and arranged marriage between the main-leads...and sweet romance!

  • Secret
    8. Secret

    Korean Drama - 2013, 16 episodes


     Starring Ji Sung and Jung-eum is a melodrama where we follow four characters that goes through pain,betrayals,revenge and love.Following the main-characters were most interesting for me.Their relationship were kind of angsty and i love how they fell in love against all the pain and misunderstandings between each other.  

  • One More Time
    9. One More Time

    Korean Drama - 2016, 8 episodes


    Must be the shortest k-drama i have ever watched.Starring L and So-hee this one were enjoyable and has many sad moments too.I cried in the end and felt so much for the main-characters. And awesome acting by L, he is really adorable!

  • Uncontrollably Fond
    10. Uncontrollably Fond

    Korean Drama - 2016, 20 episodes


    This one sad incredible love-story starring the great korean stars Kim Woo-bin and Suzy were an awesome ride with quick dialouges,heartbreaking emotions and a great beautiful romance that threatened to destroy the watcher

  • Cinderella and the Four Knights
    11. Cinderella and the Four Knights

    Korean Drama - 2016, 16 episodes


    This series are for all kind of ages,and are really funny and charming with adorable characters.I totally fell in love with all the three cousins, and i adored Ha-won`s relationship with them!

  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
    12. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

    Korean Drama - 2016, 20 episodes


    This k-drama may be my favourite k-drama so far.I love the characters,love the romance,the emotions,both painful and beautiful that made me cry so much.The light humor from the start that slowly changed into revenge and death soon only made me realize how far you can go.

  • Time Between Dog and Wolf
    13. Time Between Dog and Wolf

    Korean Drama - 2007, 16 episodes


    This series is full of tensions,enemies,secrets,mysteries,questions,deaths,twisted fates and passionate characters ready to destroy everything for the ones they love.Lee Joon-gi,Sang-mi and Kyung-ho did great performances and played incredible characters .

  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
    14. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

    Korean Drama - 2016, 16 episodes


    This k-drama is dear to my heart!The SWAG weightlifter Kim Bok-Jo.Gosh how i LOVE her personality,love it so much!When it comes to the hero,Joon-hyung,ahhh he is so hot,charming and soooo playfully cute and funny.Love these both so much in this series,they colored it all with their strong and beautiful romance,and their friends were awesome too. Just hilarious and so romantic!

  • The Heirs
    15. The Heirs

    Korean Drama - 2013, 20 episodes


    With the best cast,the best dialuges,expressive characters,interesting relationships and beautiful and epic love-story.."The Heirs" are one show i will never forget.

  • You Who Came from the Stars
    16. You Who Came from the Stars

    Korean Drama - 2013, 21 episodes


    Starring the great korean stars Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun as the main-leads,they instantly brain-wash you into this one amazing impossible Love-story..ahh one of the greatest.I adore both the hero and heroine.Fate was always behind them,and it was time for them to madly fall in love with each other. "You are my destiny..."

  • My ID is Gangnam Beauty
    17. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

    Korean Drama - 2018, 16 episodes


    We follow the story of the very sensitive and insecure Kang Mi-rae who gets plastic surgery before entering college because of the bullying of her "ugly" face which she has suffered her whole life.Through surgery she becomes very beautiful and throughout the story we see her recovering her self-esteem, getting new friends, overcoming her inner demons and realizing that life is about much more than mere looks, and lastly finding true love in her possessive protector, the very handsome Do Kyung-seok.  

  • School 2017
    18. School 2017

    Korean Drama - 2017, 16 episodes


    a very lovely and enthralling story about friendship,loyalty,violence,rivalry,jealousy,justice, finding the courage of following your dreams,being brave enough to over-come your fears and the true wonder of first love. Tae woon and Eun ho is a couple that love each other with all their hearts, being partners in crime and friends to lovers, we all enjoy how the mighty Tae woon falls madly in love with Eun ho to the point of not caring about his pride.

  • You're Beautiful
    19. You're Beautiful

    Korean Drama - 2009, 16 episodes


    With its classic plot of a girl that has to pose as a boy due to reasons, and her falling for the male-lead during it.Shin-hye did a remarkable job playing as the innocent and gentle Mi-nyeo and even managed to pull of her twin-brother Minam in ep 15 so well that i crushed on him,haha!

  • The Legend of the Blue Sea
    20. The Legend of the Blue Sea

    Korean Drama - 2016, 20 episodes


    Finished watching in summer 2019. The romance between Min-ho and Gianna just made me squeeze my pillow to pieces!Love this drama to death!!!!(Also reminds me of another Gianna starrer "You who came from the Stars")

  • Tree of Heaven
    21. Tree of Heaven

    Korean Drama - 2006, 10 episodes