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Of all type of soap operas i watch: j-dramas,k-dramas,c-dramas,spanish telenovelas,american tv-series....i guess thai lakhorns are my absolute…

Trainwrecks with lots of Angst
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We all do indeed say that we are tired with dramas that shows such overdramatic emotions...but the fact is that its what we indeed loves the…

Thai-Lakhorns (i have watched)
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Here is a list of thai-dramas i have finished.! 

Drama-Series i want to watch!
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I am dying to watch all of these dramas!

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Here is a list of the best thai-lakhorns i have ever watched! As you guys see i am a big fan of Nadech,Yaya, Mark,Kimberly,James Ji, Ken and…

Favourite Asian-Stars
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This is my personal list of Asian actors and actresses i like to watch on-screen in movies and dramas. As you can see, my number 1 Asia actress…

Romance with Jealous,Possessive and Smitten Male-Leads
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I am such a sucker for Alpha-heroes!Especially if they are madly in love with their heroines!Don´t we all girls dream of our own hero..?

Korean Dramas (i have watched)
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This is all the k-dramas i have finished completely. All of them have won my hearts in their own way, and i do sometimes go back to re-watch…

Taiwanese dramas
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In my younger years taiwanese dramas was "the deal",but now i only watch the ones i know for sure are good.I usually adore the OST,and…

Slap-Kiss Thai-Lakhorns
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Here is a list of Slap-kiss dramas i have watched. There is usually forced kissess, forced marriage or engagement involved. A story who revolves…