Psychological Dramas for non-dramaddicts

Juniko Dec 15, 2017

Those dramas have great plots.  They have been shown to non-dramaddicts who enjoy psychological thrillers and they liked it.  You now have something to show to your brother,  boyfriend,  husband,  or friends and relatives who think Asian Dramas are just cheesy shows for silly girls.  

  • Save Me
    Save Me

    Korean Drama - 2017

    Originality : Realistic depiction of cult manipulation, brainwashing and abuse. 

  • Kazoku Game
    Kazoku Game

    Japanese Drama - 2013

    Impressive show about how a manipulator can influence people,  and even break them. In this drama,  a private tutor use extreme methods to "help" the youngest son of a family.  

  • Drama Special Series Season 1: White Christmas
    Drama Special Series Season 1: White Christmas

    Korean Special - 2011

    An isolated place,  seven people with something on their mind,  a strange message, tension building up... If it reminds you of "And then there were None", don't worry: it's that good.