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Sometimes even I don't know why I always seem to come back to those dramas... 7x: : Mars. This drama is a masterpiece. True parfection does exist. Too bad it doesn't exist in HD 6x : T, J and K versions of HanaDan, love that manga. But don't make me watch other versions, please. I've tried, I just can't. Those 3 are enough ! 5x : Glass Mask 1, 2+SP, lame adaptation of my favorite manga of all time (read my reviews of them). It's looking for this drama that I opened the gate to Dramaland and came to you. Before trying other dramas I had already watched this one 3 times. This was also my first dramathon ever. 5x: 14 Sai no Haha, my first Japanese Melodrama. I cried a lot watching this drama, and it got me addicted to dramaland even more. Also...Miura Haruma, in his debut ! Totally overshadowed by the 13 years old prodigy of an actress, but still really talented for a 15 years old.
Juniko 4 days ago
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