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Human Drama is an old genre term that's usually being used in dramawiki of D-Addicts in the old days. I know MDL don't use this tag as well as any other movie/tv database websites, but I feel something special about it and therefore created a list of dramas that (I think) fall under this category.

While there's no clear definition on what Human Drama is, I'm guessing it's almost equivalent to Drama Genre that is used widely for describing film/movies that tell story of everyday life with lots of dialogue and less action. However, it doesn't make sense to categorize a drama in Drama Genre anymore when it is already a drama, thus the creation of Human Drama term. LOL

How would it differ from Slice of Life?

In my opinion, every Human Drama is Slice of Life but not every Slice of Life is Human Drama. The key is the dynamic and dramatic story-line while Slice of Life can be just as mundane as a boring life.

How I choose a drama to be included in this list? AKA The Criteria

In my criteria, an ideal Human Drama should has less focus on the romance part (the lesser the better) and will highlight more on the human feelings, emotions, and interactions towards each other. There should be no clear villain in the drama. While there could be social class differences between the characters, it shouldn't be used as the main plot like the classic Poor vs Rich kind of trope.

The list only contains best 10 dramas in this category based on what I have watched and like.

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