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Business Theme
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It looks like Business genre has been used in a more broader meaning in MDL, to the point that even dramas like Koduku no Gurume and Survival…

Police Comedy
18 0

Comedy dramas involving police and detectives.

Sakamoto Yuji
13 0

Dramas written by Sakamoto Yuji. Sorted from most to least favorite.

Ikeido Jun
9 0

Dramas based on Ikeido Jun's novels. Sorted from most to least favorite.

Pursuing dream/career with mentor guidance
28 0

I like this kind of drama when:The MC starts from zero, preferably is an underdog and not genius/talented in the fieldMeets strict seniors/mentors…

Top 10 Human Drama
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Human Drama is an old genre term that's usually being used in dramawiki of D-Addicts in the old days. I know MDL don't use this tag…

Best 5: Kudo Kankuro's
5 0

Here is my top 5 list of Kudo Kankuro's drama.