Police Story (Guide to the Series)

Ebisuno92 Dec 4, 2018

The list of all Police Story parts and spin-offs (often mislabelled or ommitted by other sources). [Chronological Order]

  • Police Story
    Police Story

    Hong Kong Movie - 1985

    Sometimes mislabelled as Police Story 2.

  • Police Story 2
    Police Story 2

    Hong Kong Movie - 1988

    Sometimes mislabelled as Police Story.

  • Police Story 3: Super Cop
    Police Story 3: Super Cop

    Hong Kong Movie - 1992

    Sometimes mislabelled as Supercop.

  • Once a Cop
    Once a Cop

    Hong Kong Movie - 1993

    Original Title: Project S,

    This is a spin-off focusing on the character of Inspector Yang (Michelle Yeoh).

    Alternative titles: Once a Cop, Supercop 2, Police Story 3 Part 2.

  • Police Story 4: First Strike
    Police Story 4: First Strike

    Hong Kong Movie - 1996

    Sometimes mislabelled as Jackie Chan's First Strike.

    I have to admit that the American cut of this film is better than the original one (faster pace and better music).

  • New Police Story
    New Police Story

    Hong Kong Movie - 2004

    Not really a remake, but a separate (darker) Police Story.

  • Police Story 2013
    Police Story 2013

    Hong Kong Movie - 2013

    Sometimes mislabelled as Police Story: Lockdown.