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ranjani9400 Aug 8, 2018

Mr. Jackie Chan,

           I know all of you must have seen his movies and cartoon animations. He is my all time favorite and all-time inspired person. When I was doing my schooling I saw his " Who Am I" and from and then I had become one of his fans. I inspire him not only because of his work but also because of his humor and having the will of confident. I had read about his personal life and work life. He had gone through a lot of difficulties as an actor, comedian, a stuntman, a director, and singer. I have seen a lot of videos like behind movie scenes and stunt videos which was personally taken to educate young kids - "not to practice at home". 

        Even though he is old but according to him he loves his work so he could not quit and keep on-going. Even though he said that he wants to quit action movies and only work in melodrama or family related movies. Instead, if there is a script which approached him to work on action movies. There is nothing to stop him and continue to work on. In my whole life, I have never inspired any person like him. 

        If anyone who agrees with me? 

  • Who Am I?
    Who Am I?

    Hong Kong Movie - 1998

    This is One of my favorite movies in which I had mostly inspired of his work, action, Comedy, Passion, and really there is a lot to add about him but am a kind of missing words. After watching this movie I searched for behind funny scenes in those I had seen physical injuries while making this movie. As I know 99.9% of stunt and risk in action was taken by him. He never even duped for stunt people even though he is old. 

             This movie is about "an agent who lost his memory while completing the mission and losses his comrades. Then saved by Trible people and starts to search for the reason behind his memory loss and cause of his friend's death".

  • Armour of God
    Armour of God

    Hong Kong Movie - 1987

    It is an Adventure and action movie about an "Adventurer and his friends while searching for armor with mystical powers. One of his friends is being drugged and kidnapped by cultists".

           Now teen and younger generation may feel this kind of stories are old. but at those times his movies are very much famous. 

  • Armour of God II: Operation Condor
    Armour of God II: Operation Condor

    Hong Kong Movie - 1991

    Part II - (Adventure, Action, comedy, and mystery)

           The story is about "a mission was hand over to Mr. Chan to find a stolen Nazi gold which is buried in the middle of Sahara desert to do so he had teamed up with three ladies and protect the gold bar from Villan group".

  • Chinese Zodiac
    Chinese Zodiac

    Hong Kong Movie - 2012

    AG III -   This movie was not that much as I expected in a story even though I loved it. I had seen it maybe 20 times. His contribution of action and humor in the movie is great. 

            " A treasure hunter and his team's up with finding a new case of 12 zodiac bronze heads which were stolen from the Beijing palace".

  • The Accidental Spy
    The Accidental Spy

    Hong Kong Movie - 2001

    Exercise Equipment salesman accidentally involved in a drug case which leads to his parent's mysterious past and trying to find how did they end up dying and who is behind their death and for what reason?

               The movie is full of action, comedy, mystery where we won't feel boring till the end.

  • The Myth
    The Myth

    Hong Kong Movie - 2005

    This movie is Fantasy, historical and action. Where an archaeologist suddenly gets a headache due to his discovery of China's first emperor and gets dreams about his past life as an ancient warrior. While his friend as uses his chance to get his hands on the immortality liquid. 

  • Rob B Hood
    Rob B Hood

    Hong Kong Movie - 2006

    This movie is one of all time favorite. " Mr. Chan and his friends are thieves where they only steal from hospitals and shops. But, one day his colleague was offered a lot of money to kidnap a born baby from a millionaires house. As his friends want a lot of money he accepted to do without consulting his friends. Later Mr. chan finds out and helps the kid to get back to their parents".


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