Who's your Mr. Darcy of Asian dramas?

Here are a few of extraordinary actors I would choose if Jane Austen wrote a drama...
elliewashere2 Mar 9, 2019
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  • William Feng


    Always elegant even in elf ears. I love the way this man moves.

  • Yang Yang


    He can do so much without saying anything. Sometimes, this can get on your nerves, but then he surprises you and you wonder if he was Peter Pan in another life. Oh, and he's got the moves too!

  • Kim Nam Gil

    South Korean

    Perhaps a bad boy by nature, but he usually does the right thing in most of his dramas. He is one of those actors I like more the more I watch him.

  • Choi Jin Hyuk

    South Korean

    Always a gentleman who's had to play second lead since the beginning is now the man of the hour and just looks younger every time I see him.

  • Nam Goong Min

    South Korean

    Maybe too handsome for his own good but there is something about his longevity in dramas that make you feel certain the best is yet to come.

  • Mike Angelo


    The beautiful guy in the room, who just gets better with every drama.

  • Sung Hoon

    South Korean

    Mr. Romance who always has a way of making the female lead look good.

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