Age gap romance

Well, I've always liked older men and women, and I always loved age gap romance in novels, so of course I like it in dramas as well. (And that is because when I was young, I was always drawn to older people. Now that I'm "older" myself, I might not be able to say that anymore, but still...) When I say age gap I don't mean a handful of years. I don't like when Secret Love Affair and My Name is Kim Sam Soon are mentioned in the same recommendation thread!! (I get that by Korean standards her four years are a big deal, but I AM picky about this.) Also, I want the Mrs Robinson kind of older woman. This is SO hard to find in dramas. That is why Last Cinderella, even though it technically qualifies, is not on my list. (Young person seduced by experienced older person is hot, older inexperienced person seduced by young hottie is not quite as interesting. That's why I don't care a lot for noona romance.)  That's why most of these dramas have an older ML. 

Love Song (j-drama) is not on this list because I can't add it. There are many dramas with "love" in the title and it doesn't show up in the search bar!

Lily_B Jan 16, 2016
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