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PTW top priority atm
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My ptw-list is sooo long, and I keep adding new titles! I though I should make a list for dramas I really want to watch soon, to remember those…

K-drama favourites
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I started as a j-drama only watcher. I think that up until now, k-dramas only make out less than 20% of the titles on my "Completed"…

Age gap romance
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Well, I've always liked older men and women, and I always loved age gap romance in novels, so of course I like it in dramas as well. And…

Watched in 2018
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It's already April when I add the first title! I'm watching so many long dramas this year that the list is probably going to be very…

Movies I plan to watch!
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I have a long PTW-list. I wish MDL could separate dramas from movies but this is a good enough way to do it! I wonder why I didn't think…

Fujiki Naohito Top List
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Sometimes people ask me about my favourite Fujiki Naohito drama. Well, it's easy to name my #1, but there are others I love as well. So, I thought:…

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The food dramas I have watched so far, ranked according to how much foodporn there is. Some seem promising in the first few episodes but later…

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People I like to look at. The list partly overlaps with my favourite actors list but not completely!

My first ever j-dramas
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This is a list of the first dramas I watched when I was a newbie in Dramaland. I was dazzled and dazed by so many things: the Japanese language,…

Underrated dramas
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Dramas that most people don't like as much as I do

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A list of the dramas with my favourite couples (even if some were couples only between the lines/in my head), the ones that made e ship them…