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[Re-writing my profile in January 2019, maybe for the fourth or fifth time since I joined MDL in May 2013.]

So, who is this Lily_B person? A 30-something teacher who found her way to Dramaland through studying Japanese six years ago, that’s who! Wow, time flies… I wasn’t even a teacher yet back then, and I’ve (sadly) forgotten most of the Japanese I studied because I had too much free time and wanted to learn some of that fascinating language.

I watched my first drama Rich Man, Poor Woman because of my classmates recommended it, and I watched my second and third because I started stalking Iura Arata. Then I found my way to MDL, and I started following the recommendations you typically give to newbies. Hana Yori Dango was the drama that started my drama addiction for real sometime during that first summer. I recognised it as a “guilty pleasure” type of drama right away, but – since that is part of the definition of such a drama – I didn’t care.

I watched only Japanese dramas back then. I didn’t even care to try anything else, because I felt like even if you watch j-dramas as a job, you wouldn’t have enough time to watch them all, so why bother to watch anything else?! Well… eventually I tried a few k-dramas, and after watching Beethoven Virus, I admitted that I might like some of them too. Now, almost six years after RMPW, I actually watch more c-dramas than anything else! I think I watch Chinese, Korean and Japanese, in that order… mostly because j-dramas aren’t as easily accessible as the others, sadly. And I have too little time to watch dramas these days…

I don’t know what my list of favourite dramas can tell you about my taste. Something like “I often watch romance dramas” says very little, because there are so very many of them. I might enjoy a story about people younger than I am, but I prefer dramas where characters are at least somewhat mature and reasonable in the way they go about life, like On the Way to the Airport. I don’t mind a touch of melodrama as long as it’s not too much! I like “slice of life” type dramas where the characters grow in some way, like To Be a Better Man. It also has friendships and different kinds of relationships between people of different generations. Sad endings and tragedy is okay with me as long as the drama has some warmth in it, some tenderness and love and sense of hope. 

Before, I watched a lot of food dramas, but I rarely actively seek them out anymore. I like dramas about families. I love a good asadora if only I can find a reliable source for them! I like quirky j-dramas like Quartet and Manhattan Love Story. I like a good historical drama full of plotting and schemes, as long as it is about something more than “old men in hats arguing and fighting about power”, or “women in the harem trying to scratch each other’s eyes out”. I like smart, clever characters… even when they are a bit to good to be true, like male lead in Liar Game level smartness. :p   

In theory I like fantasy… but in reality, I’ve only seen very few that live up to my expectations; Tribes and Empires being perhaps the only one! I like dramas with beautiful scenery and attention to details, and I always struggle to accept the logic of ancient curses, deities, prophecies, and unreasonable grumpy old emperors/fathers and the idea that the main couple's love is a crime… so yeah, most fantasy dramas turn out to be not my cup of tea.

I tend to dislike those dramas where the female lead always stumbles and drops things when the male lead is around, and then rolls around on her bed moaning “omigod, omigod!” while hugging a plushie… those kind of dramas. I don’t like childhood friends to lovers, and I don’t like enemies to lovers, generally. I don’t like jealous and possessive male leads, cold and arrogant wrist-grabbers. I don’t like dramas about domestic abuse and/or abused children. I rarely watch crime/detective/investigation dramas. I can like supernatural, but not horror!

I’m pretty active on the feeds, posting about what I watch but also about my personal life and things I’m thinking about. If you think we should be friends, drop me a line to introduce yourself first! :)

My ratings measure how much I enjoyed the drama and what makes a drama enjoyable is very subjective. Sometimes I can understand, intellectually, that a drama is very good but I still don't connect with it all the way emotionally and that's what matters most. Rating a drama is not the same as grading student papers; this is for enjoyment! So my rating changes sometimes but for now it's something like this:

10: I've sold my heart and soul to this drama!! 


8: very good 

7: good 

6: okay, but with flaws/was boring at times/too many things I dislike; still more good than bad 

5: it was watchable but also annoying; half good and half bad.  

4: I disliked most of it but it still had something that made me not drop it 

3it was bad, I very nearly dropped it - so it's the lowest rating on my list. 2 and lower would mean even more stages of dislike and I don't find it meaningful to keep watching if I dislike it that much, that's why my ratings don't go that far. I also don't rate dropped dramas since I think it's unfair to rate dramas I haven't completed. 

My MDL articles: 
In Dramaland, Everything is Mom's Fault!
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A Stalker's Guide to Iura Arata <-- my very first  "#1 bias!!" <3 :D 

Last but not least, the absolutely irresistible Fujiki Naohito! 

My "eye candy list" is not terribly long but as you've seen I do have actors like that - people that I found attractive in a way that sort of touches my heart and makes it comforting to watch them. So yes, I have my biases - but I'm not biased to the extent of always loving everything this or that person is in. I will give most dramas with my biases a chance, sometimes even a second or a third chance, but if I don't like the drama I won't suffer because of the actor. One example of a drama I suffered for way too long before I dropped it: Goodbye Mr Black. What can I say, Lee Jin Wook's face is addictive and his smile makes me weak. And sometimes I'm in the kind of mood that makes me want to feel just like that.

Most of the time, though, I just want to watch a good drama and I don't care so much who is in it as long as I like it! Well, sure, there are actors whose faces I don't love looking at so much, but I don't have an actual "blacklist" of people whose work I refuse or hesitate to watch. 


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