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Hello there!

I am a 30-something teacher with too little time for dramas...but so happy to have them in my life.

I have been watching Asian dramas since 2013. The reason I started watching j-drama was because of the language. I was studying it (only a beginner class) and I thought watching some TV shows would be helpful. Little did I know that I was going to become a drama addict and then find myself on this lovely site along with all the other addicts! But I regret nothing! :D

My first drama was Rich Man, Poor Woman. Although I certainly didn’t find it flawless I fell in love with it. (I have not changed my rating since I added it to my list, and I don’t rewatch so I don't know how I would like it now with more “experience”.) Once I had completed it, I wanted to watch something else but I had no idea where to begin. Then it occurred to me that that guy from RMPW was someone I wouldn't mind seeing more of… and yes, I'm talking about Iura Arata. He was my first Dramaland crush and that’s how it started, this addiction. Somewhere early on, perhaps it was my fifth drama, I watched Hana Yori Dango like an obsessed fool (seriously I think it must’ve been my guiltiest pleasure ever because I don't really like that kind of male lead!) and since then there really was no turning back.


At first I only watched j-dramas. I still do, but I have slowly started to watch dramas from other Asian countries as well. I’ve found that there are some k-dramas that I really love, like Beethoven Virus (love!!) and Nine Times Time Travel

Kang Mae...


My first Chinese drama was Sound of the Desert. My favourite of the two male leads is Jiu Ye, played by Hu Ge! My #1 c-drama crush! I watched him for the second time in Nirvana in Fire, the BEST drama in 2015, or perhaps even the best ever! (It caused me to actually go through my completed list and downrate lots of titles - except some of my first drama loves - because I'm just not the same person anymore, I think...) 


I like food dramas, family/friendship, feelgood, slice of life. And why not add a bit of romance to that! I don’t mind other genres, actually the only things I won’t watch would be horror and gore, or something that is only action. If I don’t like a drama, I drop it. 

Currently I'm watching the very long drama Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy. Even though it's long with very many characters, and not flawless, I'm not bored with it. Unlike the other few Chinese fantasy dramas I've watched, I don't find it boring and silly with too stupid characters - it's pretty much what I hoped Chinese fantasy dramas would be like. Before I watched any, I saw gorgeous posters and trailers, but I was more or less disappointed every time before Tribes. (Maybe there are other good ones I don't know about?) I do have a sort of love/hate relationship with The Journey of Flower, but it really was silly. I also didn't like Eternal Love/Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. The best part of Eternal Love for me were the scenes with Dong Hua and Feng Jiu. He's one of my types of male leads: intelligent, powerful, cool, strict and with an unattainable air, but also very kind, caring and attentive even though he doesn't want to show it much. (He is not arrogant, mean, controlling or wrist-grabbing!) It's a shame I couldn't like the drama more!


A few words about my ratings. My rating system has changed a bit because I've watched more and more dramas. In the beginning I gave a lot of 8-10 and 7 was mediocre. Then I felt that this made the scale too narrow; I found that my "good" ratings needed a broader range. I feel that it makes sense to make 5 a middle rating for the dramas that are half good/half bad. (Of course it's not those dramas that make me very happy to be a drama addict; it's the 8 and above that really makes it worth it, but even a mediocre drama can have something good about it that makes me not regret watching it.) It's like that glass of water; is it half full or half empty? I tend to see it as half full, so when it's more than half it can't be that bad. :p 

My ratings measure how much I enjoyed the drama and what makes a drama enjoyable is very subjective. Sometimes I can understand, intellectually, that a drama is very good but I still don't connect with it all the way emotionally and that's what matters most. Rating a drama is not the same as grading student papers; this is for enjoyment! So my rating changes sometimes but for now it's something like this:

10: I've sold my heart and soul to this drama!! 

9: amazing 

8: very good 

7: good 

6: okay, but with flaws/was boring at times/too many things I dislike; still more good than bad 

5: it was watchable but also annoying; half good and half bad.  

4: I disliked most of it but it still had something that made me not drop it 

3: it was pretty bad, I very nearly dropped it - so it's the lowest rating on my list. 2 and lower would mean even more stages of dislike and I don't find it meaningful to keep watching if I dislike it that much, that's why my ratings don't go that far.

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A Stalker's Guide to Iura Arata <-- my #1 bias!! <3 :D :D :D



Takenouchi Yutaka is SO attractive! And a good actor of course! 


Jiang Xin...


It looks like my taste is all over the place, right?! I know... And yes, there are women, because although you wouldn't guess it from my deep and stalkerish love for Iura Arata and Fujiki Naohito, I do like women in *that* way, and chances are you might see me being all fangirly about a lady from time to time. (I know, a few of these aren't Asian... but just to give you an idea of what I like.)


I liked EVERYTHING about the magnificent Nirvana in Fire; the cast was brilliant and all the characters a great joy to follow, but my guilty pleasure, I have to admit, was to ogle General Meng whenever he was on screen. 


Last but not least, the absolutely irresistible Fujiki Naohito! 

My "eye candy list" is not terribly long but as you've seen I do have actors like that - people that I found attractive in a way that sort of touches my heart and makes it comforting to watch them. So yes, I have my biases - but I'm not biased to the extent of always loving everything this or that person is in. I will give most dramas with my biases a chance, sometimes even a second or a third chance, but if I don't like the drama I won't suffer because of the actor. One example of a drama I suffered for way too long before I dropped it: Goodbye Mr Black. What can I say, Lee Jin Wook's face is addictive and his smile makes me weak. And sometimes I'm in the kind of mood that makes me want to feel just like that.

Most of the time, though, I just want to watch a good drama and I don't care so much who is in it as long as I like it! Well, sure, there are actors whose faces I don't love looking at so much, but I don't have an actual "blacklist" of people whose work I refuse or hesitate to watch. 


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