Jeana Feb 21, 2018

I'd rather walk on legos than watch these people. Don't get offended because it isn't personal.

  • Han Hyo Joo

    South Korean

    Her acting (or lack thereof) is so monotonous that you can put a cardboard in her place and it would still work.

  • Shin Se Kyung

    South Korean

    Queen of dumb expressions, bad posture and wide "I'm a helpless idiot" eyes. My braincells die while watching her.

  • Yang Yang


    If I wanted to watch a pretty face emotionlessly posing for hours, I'd go browse a fashion catalog instead of wasting time on his shit.

  • Angelababy

    Hong Konger

    Bland and stone faced with the exception of a psychopathic smile. It's often uncomfortable to watch her.

  • Chun Ho Jin

    South Korean

    He's called a veteran actor... more like veteran maker of repetitive facial expressions. He uses the same expressions so often, he could pass for a recycling machine. 

  • Go Ah Ra

    South Korean