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Hello, hope y'all are doing good.

My name is Jeana and I am a twisty little nugget. I write articles and reviews, usually with unpopular opinions and a side of sass. But, what can I do? Gotta tell it as is.

To let you in on a secret though, I am not that hard to please. Give me a strong badass heroine, a complex anti-hero, some good writing and acting and I'm sold. That's all.

I am a thrill junkie so usually, I watch dramas with suspense, crime, law, action, intrigue with a side of romance. The moment things start to get mushy and ridiculous drama logic starts to hurt my head, I'm out. Then, it doesn't matter how pretty the hero is or how much his abs glisten. If a drama is insulting my intelligence, I'm out. Period.

I am a 20-year old mom to two fat cats with an attitude. A huge foodie and an Economics major.

Over the years, I realized I am a pretty disloyal fan, to be honest. I can be obsessed with an actor in one moment and then over him/her the next. I'm a playa like that. ;) But some of my favorites are Yoo Ah In, Ji Chang Wook, Zhao Zanilia and Ha Ji Won. These are the actors I have a little soft spot for.

Other than that, the only stars I have ever been a proper fan of in my entire life is BIGBANG. It's been years since I have loved them as artists and they just never get old for me. I am a VIP through and through. Till whenever.

On the other hand, my current obsessions include Woo Do Hwan, Jang Ki Yong, and Lee Da Hee. And this girl group called Mamamoo. They are the only girl group I listen to and they're pretty badass.

That's about it.

If you have something witty to say, send me a DM.

I only have bitchy moments twice a week ;)



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