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Hi. This is Jeana. The girl on the left with the bad hair, good makeup and the crazy over the top filter.  (Can't let you recognize me on the street now, can I?)


Here is me with my fourth attempt at writing a bio. Honestly, this shit is hard; reminds me of all those tacky personal statement essays I wrote in high school.


(Watch me casually drop GD's precious smile everywhere to make this bio relevant.)

I'm a nice human, mostly. Kwon Ji Yong is *insert Seungri's voice* my everything. I'm a girl who doesn't really have obsessions. Even if I really like some shit, my crazy fangirling lasts for a coupla days at most and then it transforms into silent and contained appreciation for the object of le affection. Which is why the fact that it has been such a long time and I'm still ridiculously mad about G-Dragon is a huge deal for me. There are no words in which I can describe how much I adore GD and Bigbang. Their music calls to me (even though it's in a foreign language) and I feel all sorts of explosions happening in my ovaries whenever they hit the stage. 


                                     (His teeth are officially brighter than my entire future. Dx)

Asian Dramas are my weakness. I've never been able to truly resist the urge to not watch a drama when it really tempts me and I've always succumbed to watching episode after episode once I start something. Watching dramas are sort of a social life hazard for me 'cause once I get into something I get completely invested in it. I'll be dreaming about it, practicing dialogues and action moves, imagining what comes next and listening to OST's 24/7 until it ends. Got a permanent weak spot for Ji Chang Wook. There is no drama- no matter how simplistic- that I wouldn't watch (and most probably be biased towards) if JCW graces it with his beautiful presence. Ha Ji Won is my female equivalent of JCW.


(Why is his jacket decorated with them pointy teeth like stones? As if his smile wasn't deadly enough already. Dx)

Empress Ki is my ultimate bias when it comes to dramas and the only one that I plan to re-watch. I like complex, morally-grey characters and redemption scenes are my Achilles heel.

I treasure loyalty and I give my all or nothing to everything. Whatever the matter, I'll either fail or ace it. 0-100, real quick- that's me. I can't handle fake and unnecessarily rude people. You know that phrase; allergic to bullshit? That truly applies in my case. And when I get allergic, I turn on my hoecutter, professional roaster, heartless bitch combo real fast. It's all nice, sugar and spice- right up to the point it isn't. ^_^


(When you have carrot hair but you don't give a fuck cause you know you gon' slay anyway Dx)

I usually don't like mainstream shit. For example, I'm sort of an anti-fan for 13 Reasons Why. I've always thought it glorified suicide- right from the moment I read the book in 2010 and way before it turned into a shitty af season and inspired a young adult to kill himself.


                           (When everything is black and white yet you still look gorgeous as fuck.)

I love reading, cooking, food, dogs, getting ready in the middle of the night for no reason and taking pictures, dancing in the shower, rain, thunderstorms, family, combat boots, jewelry, headphones, thrillers, crying on sad shit (though that doesn't happen real often) horror movies (I find them completely hilarious), holly shows (Game of thrones, house of cards, originals, orphan black- I've seen quite a lot of shows. A lot.) and my best friend. As you can clearly see, what differentiates me from other edgy nineteen year olds who think they're all that? Absolutely nothing. ;)


                           (When your gums are prettier than half of the world's population Dx)

I have the ability to be dodgy af, over-dramatic, an excellent liar, petty and I can con peeps real nicely. But, I rarely use that ability. Usually, I get my point across by being honest and blunt. *Original Gangster shrug*

That's all, I guess. Don't be a stranger and judge a user by their bio. Send a PM. I only have crazy bitch moments once a week. :")

If you find your life lacking listen to Kwon Ji Yong EP by G- Dragon. Listen first, thank me later. It's an absolute masterpiece and your ears will consider themselves blessed by being subjected to it.

Take care~


                (GD be like I'mma rainbow my way into everybody's heart. Watchu gon' do bout it?)


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