Ja Myung Koo

Koo Ja Myung

  • Name: Koo Ja Myung
  • Native name: 구자명
  • Also Known as: Gu Ja Myeong, Goo Ja Myung, Goo Ja Hyun, Koo Ja Hyun, 구자현
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: March 19, 1990
  • Age: 34
Koo Ja Myung is a South Korean singer and former soccer player. He graduated from Joongdong High School and he played soccer at a high level since he was in middle school. He represented his country in the U-14 national team and was labeled as a rising star. He was promoted to the U-17 national team in 2007 but a shoulder injury and 3 subsequent surgeries prevented him from attending the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Nigeria. He decided to retire and changed his goals to becoming a singer.

In 2012, he participated in "Star Audition: The Great Birth 2" and quickly impressed the judges with his vocal skills. He was mentored by legendary singer Lee Seon Hee and managed to win the competition. In 2014, he joined "Cool Kiz on the Block" due to his soccer past but, just a few weeks after joining, he was involved in a car crash while under the influence of alcohol. As a result, he was banned from appearing on public networks and his participation on the show was edited. He decided to enlist for his mandatory military service trying to deflect all the negative attention he was getting.

After being discharged in late 2016, he considered quitting the entertainment industry but decided to continue and made an appearance on "King of Mask Singer" after his suspension was lifted on MBC. In 2020, he entered "Mr. Trot Season 1" and advanced to the team mission before his appearance was edited again as apparently the suspension was still valid in TV Chosun, KBS, SBS, JTBC, and a few more networks.

(Source: Korean = NamuWiki || Translation = MyDramaList) Edit Biography
Year Title # Role Rating
2012 What Is Mom
Korean Drama, 2012, 27 eps
Koo Ja Myung (Support Role)
Koo Ja Myung
Support Role
2012 Reckless Family
Korean Drama, 2012, 9 eps
(Guest Role)
Guest Role
TV Show
Year Title # Role Rating
2020 Mr. Trot Season 1
Korean TV Show, 2020, 12 eps
[Contestant] (Regular Member)
Regular Member
2015 King of Mask Singer
Korean TV Show, 2015, 485 eps
[Contestant] (Ep. 103-104) (Guest)
[Contestant] (Ep. 103-104)
2014 2014 Idol Star Athletics Championships
Korean TV Show, 2014, 2 eps
(Regular Member)
Regular Member
2013 2013 Idol Star Olympics Championships Chuseok Special
Korean TV Show, 2013, 2 eps
(Regular Member)
Regular Member
2013 Cool Kiz on the Block
Korean TV Show, 2013, 174 eps
(Ep. 53-61) (Guest)
(Ep. 53-61)
2007 Radio Star
Korean TV Show, 2007, 900 eps
(Ep. 233-234) (Guest)
(Ep. 233-234)
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Koo Ja Myung

Ja Myung Koo
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  • First Name: Ja Myung
  • Family Name: Koo
  • Native name: 구자명
  • Also Known as: Gu Ja Myeong, Goo Ja Myung, Goo Ja Hyun, Koo Ja Hyun, 구자현
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: March 19, 1990
  • Age: 34

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