Hirano Sho

Sho Hirano


  • First Name: Sho
  • Family Name: Hirano
  • Native name: 平野紫耀
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: January 29, 1997
  • Age: 21

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Sho Hirano

Hirano Sho

  • Name: Hirano Sho
  • Native name: 平野紫耀
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: January 29, 1997
  • Age: 21
Formerly a member of «BOYS AND MEN» under Central Japan, an entertainment agency located in Nagoya.

Joined Johnny & Associates in February 2012 eventually becoming Kansai Johnny's Jr..
Soon after he become a member of «Kin Kan» (Kansai Johnny's Jr. unit).

In 2014, for the first time, he acted as main character in drama (Shark).

In June 2015 a Johnny's Jr. unit was created for Summer Station called «Mr.KING vs Mr.Prince». He was chosen as a member of «Mr.KING».
Since 2016 he worked as a member of «Mr.KING».

In January 2018 it was announced that he'll make CD debut as a member of «King & Prince» under Johnny's Universe label (collaboration between Johnny's and Universal Music).
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2018 Hana Nochi Hare: HanaDan Next Season
Japanese Drama, 2018, 11 eps
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2014 SHARK
Japanese Drama, 2014, 12 eps
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2018 We Love
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2014 Ninjani Sanjo! Mirai e no Tatakai
Japanese Movie, 2014,
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TV Show
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2008 Shabekuri 007
Japanese TV Show, 2008, 0 eps
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