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In Rainy Forest, In Deep Ocean, On Foggy Hills <3


In Rainy Forest, In Deep Ocean, On Foggy Hills <3

This is my place feel free to check whole place here. 


Hey friends, just wanted to let you know that I've taken a break from watching dramas and movies for now, and I've also stepped away from MDL. I really appreciate all the kind words and support you've given me - it's really helped me feel better and focus on my exams. Thanks again for being such great friends!"


Student life - Finance/Accounts/Commerce.


Hi everyone, I'm Shinnosuke Lee ( from INDIA), thanks for visiting my profile.

 The genres i like.

➠ Action

➠ Thriller

➠  Detective solving (serial killers/psycho killers)

➠  Mystery

➠ Spy thriller

➠ Undercover

➠ Revenge

➠ Fantasy - Socio fantasy

➠ Melodrama


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I love reading books - novels. Mostly I read it online, but sometimes I buy when I want to cherish the book forever or touch it and feel it with my hands.

Currently reading -



1) The Worst of Evil 2) D.P 2 3) Tale of Nine tailed 1938 4) Vigilante 5) Revenant 

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        Vincenzo Cassano: the man who made me root for the 'bad guy' and question my life choices.


Live every day as if it were your last and be happy. Since I'm from village ( countryside ) I always want to explore more in Nature

Here is some of my owned Kdramas.

01. Vincenzo  [2021]


your always been in my mind ever since Vincenzo drama completed ---- 

❖ Shinnosuke Lee ❖

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02) The Worst of Evil   2023}

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↦   03) Vagabond {2019}   ↤

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04) The K2

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04) Twenty Five Twenty One ( 2022 )



                                     Hee Do ❤️❤️ Yi Jin


“Life is precious. Let’s love with no regrets while we’re alive.”  Baek Yi Jin ?

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06) Snowdrop ❄️❤️


✿  Lim Soo ho ?Yeong Ro  ✿

There's no way that we're not going there with the way that we're looking at each other - Lim Soo-hoo

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♥️  Meteor Garden  ♥️

When the only person who can make you feel better, is also the person who makes you heartbroken.

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 ♥️  Crash Landing on You 

Sometimes wrong train takes you to the right station - Crash Landing on You ♥️... 

Some smiles never same again 

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The beauty of kdrama

need to update this one 

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⬇️ Take a ↘️️ Look on downside ? 

Just because I mention specific genres in my review doesn't imply that I prefer them over others. I want to clarify that I have a deep appreciation for all genres equally, and I approach each one with an open mind and a willingness to explore its unique qualities. Before sharing your thoughts on my reviews, please remember to be objective and rational, rather than making assumptions or jumping to conclusions based on personal biases.

Thank you.

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 K-pop lover

I love every K-pop idol group and every single song/album of them.

150th Drama °•°  Tale of Nine Talied fox 1938  ??

Don't worry about other people's opinions when you want to watch a drama (kdrama, cdrama, or any other kind). While some dramas are enjoyable to watch, others offer reviews based solely on their personal experiences. Based on that review, we may assume that the drama doesn't sound good to watch and We are unable to enjoying the dramatic, cinematic experience how the drama delivers in it's way.

Which drama do you plan to watch? It's compulsory. Once you started watching the drama, you might decide whether you should continue watching that or not. (In based on your view of the drama.)

---> Views and Reviews are Personal.   

Song Joong-ki
Dylan Wang
Bright Vachiravat
Ji Chang-wook
Yoo Seung-ho
Park Hyung-sik
Lee Dong-wook
Jung Hae-in
Lee Jun-ho
Lee Min-ho 

Nam Joo-hyuk
Lee Seungi-gi
Lee Joon Gi

  • ---> Favorite genre: Crime Murder investigations, Thrillers, Revenge, Detective Solving.

---> First Drama watched without tag c-k drama: Kings Avatar

---> First kdrama  : True beauty ??

In first I'm watched both Cdrama, kdrama but time passes kdramas are more convenient to me.

And I'm dropped from watching C-dramas. But favs are( Dylan Wang, Xu Kai, Reply Wang, Neo Huo)

---> Last Cdrama watched : Lost in  the Kunlu mountains completed & Cambrian bridge  dropped 3rd episode 

? Daily watching kdramas


Favorite Characters from K-Dramas.    

01. Vincenzo Cassano ( Vincenzo)

02. Kim jae-ha   ( The K2)

03. Baek Hee sung/ Do Hyun soo. (Flower of Evil )

04.  Cha dal geon. (Vagabond)

05. Lee yeon-sung  ( City hunter)

06. Im soo ho / Rim tae sun ( Snowdrop)

07.  Seo moon-joo  (Strangers from hell)

08. Han ji-hyuk  ( The Veil) 

09. Jun tae joo. ( My name)

10. Lee jung moon. ( Bad guys 2014)

11. Nam do son ( Startup)

12. Dong beak  ( Memorist)

13. Jang han seok. ( Vincenzo)

14. Jung jae chan. ( While you are sleeping)

15. Do min joon. ( My love from another star) 



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