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In my head


In my head

Hello, my name is Brandon, I became addicted to Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas.

Here’s a list of the dramas I liked the most.

I created a list with dramas that I aprecies.

For my Favorite KDrama 

1 - A Business Proposal

2 - Crazy Love

3 -  My Roommate is a Gumiho

For my Favorite Chinese Dramas

1 - Unforgettable Love

2 - Intense Love

3 - Love Between Fairy and Devil

I opened an account several months ago, I recently posted in the topic general, a request for help to find two series because I don’t remember their title. I also post comments for some drama or Kdrama.

Everyone seems kind and kind, just as I am kind and kind too.

I hope my presentation wasn’t too long.

I wish everything a good evening and good viewing.


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