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Suffering from KDrama Addiction. lol
Goo Dong Baek-sshi(That Fool) is my hero.

It was Japanese for their anime and Chinese for their movies(Kung fu). Then I stumbled upon My Sassy Girl, Windstruck and Crazy First Love.  Enjoying the elation from these, I thirst for something longer and stumble across The Man Who Can't Get Married. Then Chuno and That Fool did the trick and I was hooked ever since. Although the number of shows I watch have decline and my taste has shifted from time to time, my love for KDrama is ever present, and I've branched into CDrama as well, especially Wuxia/Fantansy genre with their CGI. 

I am thankful for the translators that help me catch a glimpse of history and culture I otherwise would have been blinded to. 


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