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So far it seems like the transition and shift of dynasty similar to 6 Dragons especially with the mention of Yi Bangwon/Lee Bangwon (Jang Hyuk hyung). Hence I find Seo Hwi similar to Lee Bang-ji & Nam Sun Ho similar to Moo Hyul of of Six Dragons, respectively.
Recommended by Hi5Me - Oct 12, 2019
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They both have spouses working as an undercover agent. Cute, comedy and romance with a little bit of action,
Recommended by Hi5Me - Dec 26, 2018
It seems Konshu Tsuma ga Uwaki Shimasu is an earlier Japanesse version. The same story of a wife potentially and eventually cheating on the husband and the aftermath that follows.
Recommended by Hi5Me - Nov 1, 2017
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Similar situation, a popular actress and a regular guy, and then a love blossoms.
Recommended by Hi5Me - Dec 6, 2014