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Aki Potter


Aki Potter


I loved the view of the ocean, it is calming and it gives me peace.

I am also inloved with the stars  and the moon, they give light on my dark night.

I believe the sun is worthy to love too because it makes my day brighter!


I would love to watch kdramas and movies with good messages and has a depth. :)

If it contains family, count me in.  Rom-coms are also cup of my tea, because I seriously would just love to give my mind a good laugh. But if you can give a me a show that has both, I would love it very much. :)

By the way, I loved Japanese animated movies too especially ones that includes struggles, w a r s, family and dreams.

They are amazing. Btw, GHIBLI studios are my favorite, however my most favorite Japanese animated movie is not from Ghibli, it is called, "In this corner of the world", it is very heartwarming and about surviving in the w a r, living, hoping and holding on. :)


Back to kdramas:

my ultimate crush is Song Joong Ki but after acknowledging he is married, I decided to stop my fangirling huhuhu lol. But I still support him tho and I really wished him a good life!^^

my ultimate girl crush is Moon Chae Won and I would really like her to see again in a drama like The Innocent Man where she is kicking some a s s! She's amazing in her every role, she's lovely, beautiful, and very sweet to her fans! 

my now ultimate bae (lol) is Seo Ji Hoon, he is an awesome rookie actor but he I can sense that is not just a good actor and great actor in the making but is a humble and good person too. :) I can't wait for me to stop myself being lazy and finally go for a Seo Ji Hoon marathon~


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