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Vienna, Austria


Vienna, Austria

Just a drama addict who wants to escape the daily stressful working life and enjoy the Dramaland world a bit.

I love good historical/period, fantasy, supernatural, action-thriller, romantic, beautiful and sometimes silly Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Thai  drama series.  

I used to watch Bollywood movies since childhood, but I got bored with the usual cliches, tropes, and stupid plots.  Somehow, Bollywood doesn't seem to improve in its storytelling...LOL.... But I still like the Hindi OSTs though.  

I don't like dramas or movies that shows violence against women and animals.  Why do these?

P/S: The picture on my profile (which I found from the internet) is of a beautiful plus size chinese model (I think).   I believe you don't have to be slim to be beautiful. Beauty is afterall in the eye of the beholder.  


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