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I'm so in love with dramas and webtoons, I enjoy them a lot. I also love kpop but I can listen to any kind of music.

When I'm watching dramas I only have one rule: always finish it. The drama could be quite boring or I could not like it but I would still watch it. I can't stand knowing that I didn't finish a drama.

I have plenty of dramas that I really like so I can't have one favourite.

I'm into dramas since 2016 but I watched plenty of them.

Special Mention:  My favourite kpop group is SF9, they're my ultimate group so please check them If you want to stan a really talented boy group. 

Something about SF9 that is related to dramas is that all of them are actually actors.

You might remember the short drama called Click Your Heart.

And you might also remember these dramas and actors:

20th Century Boy and Girl: Inseong

Extraordinary You: Rowoon

Sky Castle: Chani

They also were in a lot of other dramas so give them love please.


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