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Dylan Rodrigues

Mississauga, Canada

Dylan Rodrigues

Mississauga, Canada
Her Bucket List korean drama review
Her Bucket List
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by Dylan Rodrigues
Jan 5, 2022
10 of 10 episodes seen
Overall 4.5
Story 4.0
Acting/Cast 5.0
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 1.0

Don't waste your time on this drama!

I originally decided to watch this drama because it was short and I thought the plot sounded interesting. Now, I want the time I spent watching this drama back!!

It's a shame because the first few episodes were really good, or at least good enough for me to ignore the problems that were already noticeable. It started depicting a woman struggling with grief, a man trying to overcome his trauma... But starting with ep. 6, it all became a mess.

Like, the twist was ridiculous. And from the romance angle, the FL was a cruel jerk to the ML and was against being with him to the very end; I could understand her reasons, but it still didn't justify her behaviour. I honestly wanted ML to have stayed single or ended up with his hoobae (who just disappeared with no context lol).

The editing, the sound, and the acting was really bad too. Scenes continued well after actors had finished saying their dialogue so the camera was just focused on people looking awkwardly forward. You could barely hear what the dialogue was at times because the audio got loud or quietly randomly. The acting was so amateurish but I could have overlooked that if the story was good. Only the visual quality and cinematography was okay; otherwise, a couple of YouTubers with a $50 budget and a potato could be able to make a better end product.

I hope I'll see the cast in something that's actually good. 4.5/10 from me.
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