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— started watching kdramas in late july 2017 — 

favourite tropes: childhood friends to lovers. cohabitation. contractual relationship/marriage. enemies to lovers. hate to love. next door neighbours. because in this house we love sexual tension.

least favourite tropes (aka i want to bleach my eyes whenever i witness it on screen): love triangles. cheating. unrequited love/feelings (mostly from the second leads). second leads who can't take no for an answer and still try to force a relationship. second leads in general tbh (as if finding a decent storyline outside of romance for them is hard). *you'll catch me dead before i ever get SLS and that's a fact

favourite genres: romantic comedy. slice of life. though i'm open to watch anything.

least favourite genres: legal. historical. political.

^ although of course there are exceptions.

you can find me on twitter where i fangirl about all things kdrama related.

* note: i don't leave ratings but feel free to ask for my opinions


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