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Maisha Rahman

Maisha Rahman

Tra Barb See Chompoo
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by Maisha Rahman

13 days ago
24 of 24 episodes seen
Overall 5.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 5.5
Rewatch Value 4.0
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So when I first saw a clip of this show on youtube, I instantly was attracted to the male lead. The actor does a fine job of portraying the ML and dare I say, he is very interesting. What makes him interesting is that he shows vulnerability and pain and weakness. The actor makes every emotion believable and when you see the ML in pain, you can feel it.

However, no matter how much I loved the actor. I hated his character. The ML is a selfish, manchild who berates others. He is emotionally abusive to the FL who btw does so much and goes out of the way to make him happy. One moment says he loves her, the next he betrays her. And having to watch this poor girl go through so much pain to get this guy made me sad. If anything, it is sad that the relationship portrayed here in the show is a reflection of what goes on in abusive relationships.

I would have loved it if the ML redeemed himself in some sort of way, however, he never goes through a believable process for the viewer to be truly satisfied at the fact that he does end up with the FL at the end.

The FL herself is independent, rational, and had so much potential to be better. Rather than the drama portraying the FL moving on from the ML and encouraging individual growth, she slowly destroys herself in the name of love for a boy who doesn't deserve her.

All in all, this show will make you feel angst. A whole bunch. The chemistry between the leads are incredible. You can feel their pain. You can feel the hatred and love the ML has for the FL, however, his hatred takes over his love for her. Sadly, its nothing, but an abusive, manipulative relationship. The side characters are all one dimensional. You have the jealous best friend who wants the ML all to herself and plots to get rid of the main FL, you have the guy best friend who has a crush on the jealous best friend, and then you have the neutral friends that wanna help keep the friend circle together. I was severely disappointed in watching this drama, and if you guys like angst then this drama is it. There is a lot of wrist grabbing, but if you are looking for a satisfying lovey-dovey, healthy couple, this drama might not be for you.

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