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Mark Adrian

Queens, New York

Mark Adrian

Queens, New York

My name is Mark Adrian

I started watching Asian shows last year and then stopped for some reason (can't remember why). I started watching back at the beginning of 2019. I was sick and tried of all the american shows that i was watching getting cancelled.  So I started watching Asian shows again, the best part is that they are almost always 1 season. I was looking for a Drama/Romance  show that has a good storyline, but I couldn't find a good american one that didn't base there show off of how sexual it could be.  Then I stumbled upon BL May of 2019 and now I'm obsessed...  What made me love BL story lines was that they show how much they love/ care for each other without having to be overly sexual. First BL show I've seen was Sotus and then 2Moons after that i was hooked...

 Favorite Drama/Romance 

Angels Last Mission, Go Back Couple & What's Wrong with Secretary KIm? , Theory of Love, Kiss Me Again, Sotus, 2Moons, 'Cause You're My Boy, Trapped, Love By Chance, UPrince- The Lovely Geologist- Badass Baker- Ambisious Boss and Badly Politics 

Aside from all that I love to read, draw and play video games {when i have the time}.  I also love to cook and bake 

If you would like to check out my art work it's on my Instagram.

Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (8.5)
Angel's Last Misson (10)
Go Back Couple (10)What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? (10)
Kill Me, Heal MeKill Me, Heal MeKill Me, Heal Me       (9.0)
Fight For My WayFight For My Way  (9.5)
Kiss Me Again (9.0)Kiss The Series  (9.0)Kiss Me Again
'Cause You're My Boy (9.5)Sotus S: The Series  (10)
HIStory3: Trapped  (10)HIStory: Obsessed  (10)HIStory2: Right or Wrong (9.5)
HIStory: My Hero (8.5)HIStory: Stay Away From Me (9.0) HIStory2: Boundary Crossing (9.0)
Take My Brother Away  (10)Hotel del Luna  (10)
U-Prince The Series: The Badass Baker (8.5)U-Prince The Series: The Lovely Geologist (9.0)U-Prince The Series: The Badly Politics (9.0)
Marriage, Not Dating (9.5)Terius Behind Me (10)
TheSeries  (9.5)
Advance Bravely  (9.0)Great Men Academy  (9.0)
Player  (9.0)The Gifted  (10)Thirty But Seventeen (8.5)
Project S The Series: Side By Side  (9.0)Project S The Series: Skate Our Souls (10)
Project S The Series: Spiked  (8.5)


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