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Tito Martinez

Wilmington, NC, USA

Tito Martinez

Wilmington, NC, USA

Hello everyone! Just a tokuotaku and a noob at dramas that is willing to learn from the rest! 

I have watched Tokusatsu since Feb. 2015 and have watched the new episodes of the airing Kamen Rider and Super Sentai weekly since Ghost/Ninninger. I am fairly new to dramas as a whole; only been watching now since Feb. 2020. 

I remember that when I was a small kid, my mother used to watch Asian dramas for a brief period.  That was my first exposure to anything Asian. Later, after I started to watch Japanese toku, I got the idea to search for those dramas and give them a watch.  That is how I started watching the K-Drama Coffee Prince myself. I enjoyed it a lot and watch a couple of other dramas but stopped soon after. 

After a few years, I gave J-dramas a try. At first, I only watched the live-action remakes of anime I had enjoyed prior but later, I started to branch out into other series and films thanks to a great person I started interacting with and I am thankful I did. From then on, I was hooked.

With a few more dramas under my belt, I realized that the genres that I seem to enjoy the most are romance and time travel plots. If anyone has a recommendation, even if they are not from these genres, let me know. That is the best way to find the next great drama/film to watch.

If you have any of the following, don't be hesitant to add me. 






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