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the paladins of justice


the paladins of justice

I like to talk and I hate picking favorites. You will find me fangirling about something and researching something at 2 am because I love to critically analyze things. I don't believe in guilty pleasures. I don't want to categorize myself as a fan of a specific category. 

Yes to...
  • dimensional characters, badass characters, soft characters, non-toxic relationships, well-written characters, strong women, good fashion, coming-of-age, time travel, women friendships, friends to lovers, good dialogues, surrealism, character development, hand close-ups, enemies-turned lovers, slice of life
No to...
  • bad boiiis, toxic masculinity, abusive relationships, women who hate each other, women who fight over basic men, men who push and pull women like doors, huge age gaps, men shouting at women, men aggressively kissing, too bubbly characters that are over the top and make me cringe, keeping secrets way too long, love triangles, dead fish kisses

I'm usually watching dramas to feel like this 


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