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some random cool nuna


some random cool nuna


I've been watching Korean/Taiwanese/Japanese dramas since I was 10's been 15 years! omo! 

Dramas that will always be home to me:

-Reply 1988 

-My Mister

-Master's Sun

-Secret Garden (I don't understand why)

Some dramas I really loved:

-Knight Flower (2024)

- Will Love in Spring

- Lovely Runner

- Under the Queen's Umbrella

-My Liberation Notes

-Hospital Playlist


-My Dearest (2023)

-Twinkling Watermelon


-Queen Seondeok

-Another Miss Oh 

-Queen in Hyun's man

-Extraordinary Attorney Woo (until a certain point)

-18 Again

-Move To Heaven

-Fight For My Way

-The Red Sleeve

-Good Manager

- Reply 1997


-Dear Sister (Japanese)

-Hidden Love (Chinese)

-Chief Kim

-Love Me If You Dare (Chinese)

-Secret (2013)

-Happiness (2021)

-The Innocent Man


-Amidst a Snowstorm of Love (Chinese)


-Chicago Typewriter 

-Love Like the Galaxy (Chinese)

-Scent of a Woman (at least I remember really liking it when I was younger)

-Search WWW

-It's Okay, That's Love

-Well-Intended Love (I watched it with my mom so it was a fun memory)

-When the Camellia Blooms

-Flower of Evil

-The moon that embraces the sun

-Queen In-Hyun's man

-Put Your Head on My Shoulder

-Smile, You

-Le Coup De Foudre (Chinese)

-Something about 1% (There was something about that first kiss, not sure what it was)

-Run On

-Fated to Love You  (the oldest, the Taiwanese one)

-A Love So Beautiful (Chinese)

-A Gentleman's Dignity 

-It's Ok Not To Be Ok

-Forever Love (Chinese)

-The World Of The Married

-My Girl (old Korean one)

and many more! I watch so many that I forget the names or even that I ever watched them...

Chemistry between leads I enjoyed a lot: 

- The second couple of the drama The Beauty Inside

- The second couple of Crash Landing On You

- The friendship between the priest and the prosecutor of Fiery Priest

- The second couple of Run On

- The second couple of Reply 1988

- The second couple from Love with Flaws

- The second couple from Search WWW

- The main couple from It's Ok Not To Be Ok

- The main couple from Flower Of Evil

- The main couple from Devilish Joy 

- The main couple from Secret Garden (guilty pleasure)

- The main couple from Queen In-Hyun's man

- The implied couple from Chief Kim

- The couple that should have happened in K2 (admin it)

hmm...I'll update when I remember more...

Dramas everybody loved but that I strangely didn't think were that special:


-Descendants of the Sun 


-Boys Over Flowers

and all the really really famous ones...they are like a piece of commercial music to me, everyone loves them but I just don't have any strong opinions about


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