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Thenosa Yechette

Thenosa Yechette

Ichikei's Crow: The Movie japanese drama review
Ichikei's Crow: The Movie
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by Thenosa Yechette
Jan 10, 2024
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
This review may contain spoilers

The last adventure of Iruma Michio and Sakama Chizuru.

Ah, this series is just amazing and it makes one want more despite all that they've already given: the series, a special and a whole freaking movie. Not many series has done that for me, other than Tokyo MER. So this is definitely an exception. Since this is the final chapter of this story, I will talk about the series and special as well.

To start, I wasn't really sure if I was gonna enjoy this series. I'm not into law or anything related. The only reason to watch this at all was Mackenyu (who isn't in the movie or special btw) and Yamasaki Ikusaburo. But as usual with most Jdramas, this one also made me fall in love with it and enjoy it thoroughly beyond expectations. The messages resonated with me as well, all the while introducing me to the highly talented cast members, especially Takenouchi Yutaka whose acting I've come to really like. There's actually no reason to watch this in particular is what I realized. If you want something to laugh at and maybe a few good messages that will hopefully stick with you, this will most likely be entertaining to you. There's fun banter between the leads and their relationship becomes one of the most enjoyable things in this. Now, without delay, let's get into the movie.

Ok, I'll be honest. My Japanese isn't perfect, and even after a year since the movie's release and MONTHS after its release in home media, I couldn't find the subs for this thing. So I apologize if there's misinformation in my review. I didn't get everything perfectly, but I'll try to sum up what I did get and hope it's accurate.
After coming to the town of Hiyomi in the countryside, Chizuru mostly gets small cases to deal with as a lawyer and thinks it's a wastage of her capabilities. After the events of the special, the viewers see that Michio is transfered to a town that's next to (or at least close to) Hiyomi. As expected, his new colleagues are annoyed because of his weird way of doing things. All the while, a big ship accident occurs and the Minister of Defense tells the media that Shimatani Hideyaki who was a worker on that ship was responsible for the accident. Hideyaki's wife Kanako can't believe it and unsuccessfully attempts to kill the Minister by confronting him. Michio is put in charge of Kanako's case and the plot starts to unfold from there. The ending was surprising to anyone who has watched the special and the trailer for this movie. So pretty good. 9/10.

Cast and Characters:
In the movie, Chizuru has to partner with the handsome and capable lawyer Tsukimoto Shingo who she bonds with and is her partner for the first half, which I'm not completely happy about. I wanted to watch more of Michio and Chizuru's teamwork, not see some random dude from of the countryside get partnered up with Chizuru. Not that the former wasn't present in the movie and I didn't enjoy the latter at all, but I'm not happy about this, especially because Chizuru was hinted at being attracted towards Shingo. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't ship her with anyone. But that is exactly why I wasn't happy seeing her being attracted to this new dude. The new characters were mostly meh to alright. As with the plot, the Minister surprised me. So props to that. Ide Iori was fun whenever he was on screen. Loved Michio and Chizuru as always. And I just loved that in the movie, we could see that no matter how much Chizuru complains about Michio, she trusts him more than anyone and their friendship is what makes this series and movie worthwhile. Not to forget, I missed Mackenyu. How can anyone not? 9/10.

This series did a good job with the BGM. It just makes one feel excited and hopeful whenever needed. It's not regular for me to be affected by a series' music so much. Same goes for the movie. 8/10.

Rewatch value:
I don't rewatch stuff often. So likeliness for this one is uncertain. But I do think this was more memorable for me and I would certainly enjoy revisiting Chizuru and Micho one more time. 7/10.

This is a great sequel and final chapter to the great story that is Ichikei no Karasu. It has the laughs that makes my day and important messages that hopefully make a difference in your life. Ideals and perfection are not always practical, but if we don't strive for them, are we really humans?
If you're looking for a good drama to watch, I would definitely recommend watching the series and CONSEQUENTIALLY, the movie as well. Cuz you most likely won't enjoy this movie as much without the series. 9/10.
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