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Thenosa Yechette

Thenosa Yechette

Hello! You can call me Thenosa. I like watching TV shows and movies from almost any country, as long as I find it interesting.

Among Asian dramas, I started Japanese dramas first.  Then I got into Thai dramas.  And even though, I have only watched dramas from these countries so far, I'm hoping to watch some Kdramas and Cdramas in the future. 

I usually don't have a particular type of drama that I watch. It mostly depends on my mood. I do like romance a good amount, even though I mostly end up shipping characters who don't end up together 😭🥲. And I also like comedy a lot. If it can make me laugh, that alone is a reason for me to like a drama.

Oh, on a side note, I am currently learning Japanese language. So I nowadays watch Japanese dramas without subtitles, when they aren't available.

And of course, the reason why I started Asian dramas in the first place, is because I am a Tokusatsu fan. So watch that a whole lot. Mostly Super Sentai, started Kamen Rider recently, watched a season of Ultraman. Some miscellaneous ones are Ryuukendo and Dogengers. 


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