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Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro

 *Not all your life decisions have to be smart, some can be purely for cinematic value*

*Tired scientist escaping reality in dramaland and learning Japanese in between*

*Spread love, the real world is already pretty mean*

*There ain't no rest for the wicked* 

*No good deed goes unpunished*

*A pirate in this online sea*

Masaki Okada * Takahashi Issei *  Tori Matsuzaka * Fujiki Naohito * Nagayama Eita * Nomura Shuhei * Eikura Nana * Yoshitaka Yuriko * Matsu Takako * Tokiwa Takako * Fukatsu Eri * Inoue Mao * Yusei Yagi * Build Jakapan♡  * Dylan Wang Gong Jun 

 Word of Honor bc it is poetry and Wen KeXing is chaotic goodThe heart wants what it wants ~ smile, BeyourluveAo Haru Ride because they are gentleKekkon wa Aite Chusen de bc I love them together Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju bc their story haunts meI Told Sunset About You bc Oh-Aew deserves the moonUtsukushii Kare bc kimoi has many meaningsN no Tame ni bc Ando was Nozomi's NThe Untamed bc 'the eyes, chico, they never lie'Drive my car bc it is beautiful and there's my beloved Masaki

Rurouni Kenshin bc they are the best action movies everAlice in Borderland bc of the games and Chishiya's smart assMy 12% bc Cake's confession was perfectTo My Star 1 & 2 bc their love story makes me cry (a lot) SPEC: Birth bc these 2 are dysfunctionally funHana Yori Dango bc I love badass TsukushiBokura wa Kiseki de Dekite Iru bc we should keep our dreams closeAlways bc love is found in company and warmthHot Road bc damaged people save each other sometimesSailor Mercury bc she is my spirit anime characterAsuka bc if you want real happiness you’ve got to find it for yourself  Tori, just because.💜                                           

Rating system

10 - pulled at my heart strings so bad that idc about quality, story, I JUST LOVE IT!!!

9 or 9,5 - made me emotional, dealt with topics I like, had an interesting story or character

8 or 8,5 - good series with decent plot and quality

7 or 7,5 - passable, OK to kill time

6,5 > - just bad


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