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in outer space


in outer space

Welcome! <33

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                                 How I rate shows

1-2 (Boring/Bad storyline)

3-5  (Not something I would rewatch)

6-7 (Could be better, but okay)

8-9  (Very good, but some small detail is missing)

9.5-10 (A masterpiece that I will 100% rewatch)

                                Currently watching

Unintentional Love Story

                                Recently completed

Love in Spring - Meow, the Secret Boy - It's Okay to Not Be Okay

                                   Fave genres

Historical - Enemies to Lovers - Time Travel

                                    Fave BL's

The Untamed - Utsukushii Kare - Color Rush - Kamisama no Ekohiikii

                                  Fave k-dramas

The Fiery Priest - Tempted - Familiar Wife

Now about me...

I mostly watch korean, japanese and chinese shows

20 y/o

INFP - Aquarius

I love fashion, photography, music and acting <33

I'm a kpop listener, the groups I stan are:

N.Flying - CLC - UNIQ - A.C.E - DKZ - OnlyOneOf

                                                          THAT WAS ALL!

        Don't hesitate to send a friend request, I accept everyone ♡

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