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somewhere in the middle of nowhere


somewhere in the middle of nowhere
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the story isn't same but the chasing part is there just in HL female lead chases first where as in MFB male lead chases first
Recommended by Nria - Jul 9, 2023
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I feel both are quite same just the themes and the story line is different.
In both the main leads are mature and understand each others feeling I like both of the drams just I prefer HL then P&C.
Recommended by Nria - Jul 9, 2023
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okay I know that the male leads are opposite in these drama and they don't ha e same pages of screen writer its just I feel perfect and casual is also kind of the healing drama I feel
Recommended by Nria - Dec 30, 2022
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Both are thai drama
in both the female time travelled in to olden times
have not seen BB but can feel they have same storyline as LD

Recommended by Nria - Feb 12, 2022
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its quite similar
both are c dramas
when the FL kisses (touches here) the ML are able to taste things.
Both the male leads are superior (like the are famous)
TFIY is a modern Chinese drama where as YSIMD is based on ancient times.
Recommended by Nria - Oct 21, 2021
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-Both of the dramas focus on 3 couple very beautifully.
-Both the male lead are first looked cold and seemed arrogant.
- In both the dramas are focusing on three diff at same time but they all have very unique story and an interesting one.
- Both ML are kinda famous between people they know.
-Both the dramas have strong bond between female leads that's a great point where there is no cat fight.
-No SML or SFL appearing

-No cohabitation in ST
-BTIMFL is a Kdrama and ST is a Chinese drama
-Their professions are different too
-BTIMFL is story in adulthood whereas ST is focused on college life as well as adulthood.
-ST is based on medicine and library whereas BTIMFL is based on software development.
Recommended by Nria - Aug 23, 2021
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Okay so they have different story
the feeling is same
BTIMFL is a bit more on the urban life but WTWIF is based on country side but the struggle is real (SLICE OF LIFE)
i personally liked it you watch it
Recommended by Nria - Jul 10, 2021
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-Both the dramas have same theme
-Both of them have family issues and how they solve them
my opinion is that Doctor John is a much better on then hospital playlist cause in each episode of doctor john i laughed, i cried, i was serious and i enjoyed it to fullest(this is only a opinion that can differ to person to person)
Recommended by Nria - Jan 29, 2021
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OMG! what to say now
-the story line is the same (the romance part)
-in catch the ghost the ML and FL are not physiologist but they are detectives
-the flow of catch the ghost is really amazing each episode will leave you astonished
being frank i loved catch the ghost more than love me if you dare ( my opinion)
Catch the ghost is a series where everything( about the each episode) is equally distributed love,investigation
this is not a series that will make you skip episodes.
Recommended by Nria - Jan 21, 2021
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the story base is very similar but somewhere only we know also includes crime but tho it depends on every person
Recommended by Nria - Jan 4, 2021